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I am submitting this form to (check one):

attend a group tutorial
get a tutor
work with a writing consultant
work with a learning consultant

I agree to (check each one indicating you understand):

attend class as usual (tutoring cannot substitute for class attendance)
bring specific goals or questions along with my assignment instructions and textbook; for writing consultations, bring a paper copy of my draft and the assignment instructions
be on time for my appointment
give at least 4 hours notice if I cannot make my appointment**
accept that the job of the tutor/writing consultant is not to correct mistakes or do my work but to help me learn
NOT ask questions from work that will be graded--writing assignments excluded. (NOTE: Tutors can, without viewing the assignment or test, explain a specific topic that you identify to be relevant.)

**Missing 2 appointments in a semester without adequate notice will limit your ability to make further appointments.


Balancing work, family and school
Reading efficiently
Working in groups and teams
Memory tips
Learning styles & strategies
Organizing ideas and information
Oral presentations

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Last Published 10/2/15