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The online Practicum in Writing (WRIT 200) offers the convenience and stimulation of a fully online, highly-interactive environment. Before you enroll, we want you to understand the following special requirements:

Technical Requirements

You should:

  • activate your UB email account. Information about the opening of web courses and how to access them will be transmitted via your UB email address.
  • for at least several hours each week, have access to a computer with an internet service provider (ISP), 56k modem or faster internet connection, Web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Netscape 6.2 through 7.2), and Microsoft Word 97 or later.
  • be an experienced computer user who is familiar with the internet.
  • have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word.
  • have a back-up plan in case of failure of your equipment and/or installed software.
  • see the Sakai Technical Requirements page by clicking here.

Final Exam

You must be able to come to UB's Baltimore campus to take the exit exam.

Time Management

  • A Web-based course requires more independence than would be found in a traditional on-campus course. Without the usual weekly face-to-face meetings, online courses require that you exercise significant self-discipline to set and adhere to a study and writing schedule.
  • Athough assigned work can be completed and posted day or night, reading, writing, and web forum asignments generally are due at assigned times each week.
  • You will be need to log in to the online classroom three or more times per week to get new assignments, post to online conferences, and respond to other students' posts.


You must register for WRIT 200.WB1 no later than the Friday prior to the start of the regular (15-week) semester.

If you register on time and do not receive an email about your course by the first day of classes, try logging in to Sakai through the MyUB Portal. If you cannot log in to Sakai, please call Sakai Sakai Support at 1.855.501.0856.

Otherwise, register for WRIT 200.WB1 as you would for any other course.

Last Published 6/17/15