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The Computer Literacy Waiver Exam allows students who have developed skills outside of the classroom to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of certain computer literacy competencies. A satisfactory score allows the student to meet UB's Technological Fluency Graduation Requirement (GR). Students should check with their advisor about specific requirements for their degree program.

  • What do I need to know?

    The University of Baltimore adopts the definition of computer literacy from the Computer Literacy – USA organization: 

    An understanding of the concepts, terminology and operations that relate to general computer use. It is the essential knowledge needed to function independently with a computer. This functionality includes the ability to solve and avoid problems, adapt to new situations, keep information organized and communicate effectively with other computer literate people.

    Computer literacy learning objectives include demonstration of three types of competency: skills, concepts and intellectual capabilities.

    The test will assess the following:

    1. Skills competencies with current applications. For example: word processors, graphics packages, Web browsers, search engines, email, spreadsheets and databases.
    2. Concepts competencies. These include what a computer is and how it works, information systems, networks, digital representation of information, limitations of information technology, and the societal impact of information and information technology.
    3. Intellectual capabilities competencies. These include understanding how to manage complex technology needs, organize and navigate information structures, evaluate information and collaborate with others using technology.

    Some example texts that cover this material include:
    A) O’Leary and O’Leary (2008) Computing Essentials: Complete Edition. McGraw-Hill.
    B) Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat (2008) Discovering Computers 2008: Complete Edition. Course Technology.

    Note that there are many resources available that cover computer literacy concepts.

  • What do I need to do?

    Computer literacy is taken seriously at the University. Some students may have acquired computer literacy skills through workplace or other experience. These students may meet the Technological Fluency Graduation Requirement (GR) by passing an examination. If they pass the examination, students are not granted credit, but the GR is considered met and an elective course may be used to fulfill the 120-credit graduation requirement. Students should check with their advisor about specific requirements for their degree program.

    The examination is administered by appointment through the Office of Foundations and Transitions, located in the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Dean's Suite, Room 108 in the Learning Commons. A $35.00 fee must be paid prior to testing. The test may be taken only one time. This is NOT a take-home test; students are given two hours to complete the multiple choice test in the CAS Dean's Suite. No study aids or other resources may be used during testing.

    The test is scored by CAS personnel and examination results are distributed by UB email within two business days to the student and the academic adviser of their school.

    Use this form to pay the fee at the Office of the Bursar and then bring the completed form and receipt to the Learning Commons, Room 108 to schedule your exam.

Last Published 6/28/17