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Graduation Requirements

Honors Represents Spring 2013
All students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.3 to graduate as a Helen P. Denit Honors student.

The program honors level GPA varies by program.

Level 1: University Honors

To achieve this level of distinction, students must
complete at least 15 honors credits at the lower-division level and participate in a minimum number
of Denit sponsored or approved events.
No honors contracts are accepted.
Enroll in honors freshman learning communities and you can complete 15 credits fast.

Level 2: College Honors

To achieve honors in a particular college, students must meet the requirements stipulated by that college.
Those requirements would include, at a minimum,
12 credits of upper-division courses at the honors level,
at least three of which would be in an honors capstone experience. Of the 12 credits, no more than three should be satisfied by an honors contract. In addition to course requirements, all colleges require students to participate in a minimum of co-curricular or extra-curricular experiences, but the colleges themselves are responsible for defining both the nature and number of co-curricular and extra-curricular requirements. This level of distinction is accessible and achievable by all students, from first-time freshman who completed university honors to transfer juniors who haven’t had any honor courses at all. Note: Business students must also complete Management 475 AND
either Management 495 OR Management 498.

Level 3: Program Honors

You must first fulfill all requirements of either Level 1 or Level 2 of Helen P. Denit Honors. The requirements for Level 3 are highly variable and depend on the needs and ambitions of the individual academic programs. As with college-level, no more than three credits should be satisfied by an honors contract for program-level honors. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

When you apply for graduation you must inform the director, Dr. Etheridge, that you are graduating from the Helen P. Denit Honors Program by October 31st for winter and March 31st for the spring graduation ceremony.This is very important and if you fail to do so, your name will not appear under the Helen P. Denit Honors Program section in the Commencement Program.

Ron Williams, 2013 College Honors graduate (pictured above), was chosen to speak at commencement.
Check out what he said here.