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Sometimes, the best lessons are taught outside the classroom.

Spring Break 2012

Check out these recent events that connect classroom lessons to direct (and fun) hands-on learning:

  • Are You Smart About Our Harbor?

    How much do you know about our national treasure, the Chesapeake Bay watershed? How aware are you of Baltimore Harbor, which links to the bay and serves as a complex habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life? What can you do to preserve these important natural resources? We enjoyed a panel discussion that featured experts on the biological diversity, ecology, and environmental law related to the harbor, as well as a how-to session to apply what we learned to protect the watershed.

  • Bridge to Belize

    After the course in Sustainability and Cultural Diversity, students directly engaged with nature and learned about
    sustainability and cultural diversity by exploring caves, climbing ruins, horseback riding through the rainforest, visiting botanical gardens and snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye, a world heritage site.

  • Crisis, Community and Creativity: NYC 10 Years After 9/11

    We discovered one of New York City's more notable neighborhoods and experienced how post 9/11 communities have been created, re-defined and celebrated through artistic expression. After visiting many memorials, we ended our day at the newly-opened 9/11 memorial. There was engaging conversation and reflection on the bus ride home to help us all connect the dots from a thought-provoking and emotional day.

  • Want to Play?

    Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games trilogy envisions a dystopia arising from past war, giving us a dark vision of the future. Faculty in the Apocalypse Honors Learning Community guided a discussion and various presentations on this trans media dystopia, using select screening of the film.

  • Global Leadership: Rights, Wrongs & Responsibilities

    Leadership is vital at a time when the world is confronted with concurrent problems—security, environmental, humanitarian and economic, enhanced acceptance and empathy are fundamental for a resilient and robust global

  • Get in the Groove

    As part of the performance, audience members participated in an interactive jam session using musical instruments from Ghana, Tibet, Pakistan and other nations. Award-winning musician and community leader Rob Levit led an interactive workshop on the role creativity plays in personal and professional development, leadership, innovation and problem-solving.

  • Starving for Change

    This was an opportunity to observe—in a very real way—how different nations feed themselves. During the banquet, we reflected on issues of global hunger and nutrition. The banquet was followed by a film screening which focuses on the industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights.

  • What's Your Story?

    Every Denit Honors student is required to present their ideas and research. It can be scary to stand in front of a crowded room. During this event, we nix stage fright and learn how to construct a leadership
    statement in order to present yourself and your ideas in a compelling and authentic manner.

 We have lots of volunteer and service-learning opportunities as well. Check this out for more information.

Last Published 6/17/15