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The Helen P. Denit Honors Program is always looking to kick up creativity in the classroom.

The Denit Honors Program supports faculty who want to involve undergraduates in the learning process. UB does not have an honors faculty; rather, professors in every college propose seminars, team-taught courses and multidisciplinary explorations of topics that inspire their own curiosity and passion.

Teach an Honors Course

The Denit Honors Program is always looking for faculty who demonstrate a commitment to high-impact practices in the classroom. Every honors-designated course includes a component of experiential learning so if you are already trying innovative approaches in your teaching, submit a proposal to have your course designated in the Denit Honors Program. 

Honors Council Members

Contact Sally Farley for more information about the honors council.

There are two types of designation in the Honors Program:

  • Honors Seminar: open only to honors students
  • Enhanced Course: open to all students but enrolled Helen P. Denit Honors Program students are able to count the enhanced credits (with a minimum GPA of 3.3) earned toward their credit requirement for graduation with Denit honors
    • If you are interested in teaching an enhanced course, please submit proposals and funding requests to Elizabeth Nix.The Honors Council will make the final determinations of designations and the final budget approvals.
    • Learn more about submitting a proposal to teach an enhanced course.

If your proposal is accepted, you will have access to Denit Honors funds and the logistical support of the Office of the Helen P. Denit Honors Program as you plan your course activities. When planning an experiential activity for an honors learning community, course or seminar, please submit proposals and funding requests to Sally Farley using this form.

Qualifying for Honors

If you are wondering whether your proposal would qualify, compare your learning outcomes to those of the Denit Honors Program:

  • applied learning: through ways appropriate for the subject matter and discipline, students will effectively apply what they learn to new contexts, problems or questions
  • communication: students will express their ideas, solutions and strategies in a relevant and persuasive manner
  • peer-review/teamwork: students will offer constructive feedback in a collaborative and collegial style.

Additionally, honors courses at the University of Baltimore may ask students to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  • service-learning: students will synthesize course instruction with relevant service to the community
  • global positioning: students will learn attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to work across cultures.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you are not ready to teach an entire class in the honors program, you might be willing to contribute your talents for one afternoon. Since 2011, the Denit Honors Food and Faculty Series has provided a casual venue for faculty and staff to share their passion, academic research and new ideas with undergraduate honors students. We serve up a delicious meal topped off with engaging dialogue.

Learn more about the series and contact Sally Farley for more information or to be added to the schedule.

Last Published 9/25/17