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Automatic Admit Option

You can be automatically admitted into the entering class of the UB School of Law following your graduation if you:

  • are a graduate of a University of Baltimore undergraduate program
  • have a cumulative cross-institutional grade point average of 3.35 or better as computed by the Credential Assembly Service
  • earn an LSAT score of 154 or better.

If you’re interested in this option:

  • apply to the UB School of Law (applications must be submitted by April 1 for admission the following fall; you are always encouraged to apply before March 1); admission is for the fall semester only (note that the law school cannot make an admission decision until you have completed 75 credits of undergraduate coursework)
  • take the LSAT no later than February of the calendar year in which you’d like to enter law school.
  • Notes and Other Legalese (after all, it's law school)

    If you answer yes to any one of the character and fitness questions on the UB School of Law application, you are not eligible for automatic admission; instead, your application will be forwarded to the admissions committee for a complete review. Character and fitness questions concern information regarding academic and disciplinary probation, criminal offenses, civil suits and employment termination.

    The UB School of Law doesn’t ensure acceptance into the full-time day program; you could be admitted to the full-time day program, the part-time day program or the evening program.

    The law school reserves the right to increase the grade point average and the LSAT score required on an annual basis.

For more information about this option, contact the Office of Law Admissions at 410.837.4459 or