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Maryland Higher Education Commission

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) awards a variety of grants to students that are Maryland residents. These awards are based on financial need and are in addition to aid awarded by UB. Students who wish to be considered for state aid must submit the FAFSA by March 1 each year. For a full list of programs, deadlines, separate application, and eligibility requirements, please visit their Web site.

MHEC reviews the information from FAFSA applications received by the March 1 deadline date and begins their awarding process in late April each year. Awarded students are notified via email to create an online MDCAPS account to view their award offer(s). Students must accept their award(s), confirm/update their housing status, and the school that they are attending through their MDCAPS account.

Starting in May, after MHEC has completed its review process, the Office of Financial Aid receives rosters listing students who have accepted their state awards. These awards will be reflected in the student's award package on MyUB.

MHEC may adjust or cancel your award(s) at any time during the year based on receipt of updated information. Some information that may impact your eligibility for state awards include:

  • Housing status - off-campus or with relatives
  • Enrollment status - full-time or less than full-time
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing
  • Verification process changes

To ensure that your award package reflects the most accurate information about your state awards, make sure that your housing status is correct in MDCAPS and promptly respond to all requests for information from our office or from MHEC.

For additional information, please visit

Last Published 5/12/17