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You've served us. Now let us help serve you.

Your one stop for all veteran's forms.

Did you know?

Even if you receive Veteran's Benefits, you can still file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  We encourage all students, especially Veterans, to file the FAFSA to take advantage of federal and state grants.

Students eligible for benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA) should contact the Office of Financial Aid before registration to make sure all VA paperwork is in order.

VA determines your eligibility for benefits. The VA will pay tuition and fee benefits to the University on your behalf.  Other payments are paid to directly to you after the semester begins and certification is complete.

For specific information and "to do" lists based upon status, click on the appropriate link in the left-hand menu.

**We will not accept any documents for certification until all required documents for certification have been submitted**

  • Student Responsibilities

    While attending UB and receiving VA Education Benefits, you should be aware of the following Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) regulations and student responsibilities:

    • Complete all forms accurately and completely. The VA new veteran application process can take up to 9-12 weeks where peak processing time and errors may delay the process.
    • You are required to pursue a degree/certificate program available at UB and approved for VA Educational benefits.
    • Your declared degree program must match with both the DVA and UB.
    • You are expected to make Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress toward completion of a degree, and you must comply with the academic standards of UB. To view the SAP Policy click SAP Policy
    • You are responsible for reporting changes in enrollment that includes drops, adds, withdrawals, changes to audit, and changes degree objectives.
    • You are responsible for any UB account balances and/or debts with the DVA.
    • You are responsible to verify your enrollment on the last calendar day of the month with DVA, except for Chapters 31, 33 and 35.
    • Payment of benefits will not be allowed for repeating a course for which transfer or a passing grade has been granted.
    • Payment of benefits will not be allowed for courses not required in a degree program, course drops or for audited courses.
    • You are required to have an evaluation of your prior college credits by submitting Official Transcripts to UB. The DVA may deny benefits if you do not comply.
  • Scholarship Resources

  • Yellow Ribbon Program

    UB actively supports our veterans and their families by participating in the Veterans Administration Yellow Ribbon Program. UB's participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program provides additional funding to out-of-state students, 100% eligible Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients who are not on active duty.

    Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis; a maximum of 10 participants for the 2014-2015 aid year are provided up to $1000 per year which is matched by the VA (for a total benefit of up to $2000 per year).

    To apply for the UB Yellow Ribbon Program, please fill out an application.

  • VA Contact Information

  • Additional Resources

  • Veterans Benefit Programs

    Minimum Length
     of Service
    Max # of Benefits (months)
    How Payments Are Made
    Duration of Benefits


    Post 9/11

    GI Bill

    90 days active
    aggregate service (after 9/10/01) or
    30 days
    if discharged
    for disability

    Tuition: Paid to School Housing Stipend: Paid to Student Generally, 15 years from last day of active duty


    (Chapter 30)

    2 year continuous enlistment
    (minimum duty varies by service date, branch, etc.)

    Paid to Student Generally, 10 years from last day of active duty


    (Chapter 1606)

    6 year commitment  (after 6/30/85) 36 Paid to Student Generally ends the day you leave the Selected Reserve 


    (Chapter 1607)

    90 days active continuous service
    (after 9/10/01)
    36 Paid to Student Generally, 10 years from the day you leave the Selected Reserve or the day you leave the IRR


    (Chapter 32)*

    181 continuous days active service (between 12/31/76 and 7/1/85) 36 Paid to Student 10 years from last day of active duty


    (Chapter 35)*

    Not Applicable  36 Paid to Student Spouse: 10/20 years
    Child: Ages 18/26

    All Programs Include:

    Degree Training  ✓ Tuition Assistance ✓ (*Except VEAP (Chapter 32))
    Non College Degree Training  ✓ Work-Study Program ✓
    National Testing Programs ✓ On-the-Job and Apprenticeship Training ✓
    Flight Training ✓ Licensing and Certification Tests ✓
    Correspondence Courses ✓  

Further Questions
For any questions regarding Veteran's benefits, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at

Last Published 10/23/17