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UB's accrediting and licensing organizations are included in the university's catalogs which also lists all programs, majors, degrees, and graduation requirements.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Office of Financial Aid does not discriminate on the basis of disability, as mandated by Section 504 and the ADA. For students with disabilities, contact the Office of Disability and Access Services located in the Academic Center room 139 or call 410.837.4775.

Copyright Infringement

The university has policies and procedures in place regarding copyright infringement laws. View the copyright policy within the Office of Technology Services website.

Cost of Attendance (COA)

The University of Baltimore discloses the total cost, both direct and indirect, of attending the university in its Cost of Attendance page.

Rights and Responsibilities of Title IV Aid recipients

The rights and responsibilities of those receiving federal student aid are identified and outlined within the Policies and Procedures Web site.

Myths about Financial Aid

Student Right-to-Know/Campus Security

The University of Baltimore Police Department compiles and distributes all campus security data in compliance with federal regulations. Annual security reports are available to all students, faculty, staff, and upon request, to prospective students.

Study Abroad

Financial aid is available for student who are in an approved study abroad program. This includes funding through the Federal Pell Grant, campus-based aid, and student loans.

Transfer Credit Policies

Students entering the university with 24 or more transfer credits will have all transcripts evaluated based upon the university's transfer credit policy.

Withdrawal Procedures and Refund Policy (Return of Title IV)

In accordance with federal regulations, UB returns the unearned portion of Title IV aid upon a student's official or unofficial withdrawal from the University. The Return of Title IV Funds Policy can be found online in our policies and procedures section. Learn more about withdrawal from classes and from the University:

Last Published 10/9/17