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Your student—and what you invest in him or her—is important to you.

We understand parents have a lot of questions when it comes to students' education, so we've gathered all the information you will need as a parent of a future or current student.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Applying

    How do I ensure my student has the necessary paperwork for his or her application?
    It is important that your student take the responsibility for completing his or her application and getting documents to the Offices of Admission. However, as a parent you can encourage your student to apply early and work with his or her guidance counselor to ensure admission documents are being sent in a timely manner.

    I am a UB alumnus/a. How can I refer a potential student?
    That's wonderful! We're so glad you're interested in referring a potential student. The best way to recommend a student is to fill out this form. We'll let the student know you recommended him or her and we'll offer an application fee waiver.

  • Campus Life

    How large is UB’s incoming class?
    UB typically brings in a freshman class of 300-350 new students each year, plus around 800 transfer students.

    Does UB offer student housing or have meal plans?
    UB does not have traditional student housing or meal plans but does offer options for incoming students. UB works very closely with apartments in the area as well as a student-only housing facility one block from campus. Visit UB Housing for more information.

    Additionally, there are many restaurants and eateries within walking distance of campus. Students and their parents/family members can put money on their campus Bee Card, which can be used at the on-campus cafe and convenience store as well as some off-campus eateries. Please note that you will need your student's ID number to add money to his or her Bee Card.

    What types of support services does UB offer?
    From academic advising to career planning, UB can help students every step of the way. Support is also available if a student needs tutoring, health services or disability accommodations. These links can give you more information:

    Achievement and Learning Center
    Career and Professional Development Center
    Office of Disability and Access Services
    Counseling Center
    Freshman Advising
    Recreation and Wellness
    Veterans Center

    How does UB ensure my student adjusts to college once he or she arrives?
    In addition to support services, UB's curriculum offers seminar classes that help orient students to university life and study. Your student's academic adviser is available to assist in class scheduling and understanding UB's degree programs. Also, UB has a robust student activities component that allows your student to get involved and meet fellow students.

    How much time will my student spend in class and/or studying?
    Students typically spend about three hours in each class per week. Generally, students can expect to spend three hours for every hour spent in class studying and working on assignments outside of class. The amount of time will depend on the class and your student's strengths.

    What are the dates for the semesters and breaks?
    Check UB's academic calendar for the most up-to-date information.

  • Finances

    How much does UB cost?
    These links should give you more information about financing a UB education:

    Tuition and Fees
    Cost of Attendance
    Financial Aid

    What types of financial aid and scholarships are available to my student?
    Grants, scholarships, loans and work-study opportunities are various ways your student may be able to achieve his or her educational goals. Our Office of Financial Aid has detailed information on how to apply for financial aid, as well as resources like budgeting tools.

    Prospective undergraduate students, including freshmen and transfer students, can fill out this form to receive an estimated merit award amount. Additional information on the various types of scholarships that are available can be found here.

    In addition, incoming freshmen should look into how they can receive his or her final semester's tuition for free through UB's Finish4Free program.

    What forms should I file to be considered for government aid and UB aid?
    To be considered for government aid you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). UB's FAFSA code is 002102

    When and how do we pay the bill?
    Tuition can be paid online through MyUB, in person at the Office of the Bursar or by phone at 410.837.4848. Learn more about paying your bill.

    What steps can my student take to ensure he or she has a job upon graduation?
    Your student's future career can be shaped now through strategic planning. We hope you'll encourage your student to stop by UB's Career and Professional Development Center, where students can identify a calling, carve out a career path, establish a personal brand, build a network and more.

  • Grades and Advising

    Can I see my student's grades?
    Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), UB is unable to share grades with parents without the express permission of the student. To allow parents access to certain information, students can submit a FEPRA waiver. Learn more about student privacy.

    Who do I talk to if I am concerned about how my student is doing in school?
    The best person to talk to regarding your student's performance is your student. Due to FERPA regulations, the University is not able to share information regarding your student's performance or conduct.

    What is academic probation? What about academic suspension?
    If students earns less than a 2.0 GPA, they are placed on academic probation. A student on academic probation must boost his or her GPA above a 2.0 within one semester or they will be academically suspended. Academic suspension is when a student is barred from enrolling at UB. During this time, usually one semester, a student cannot enroll in classes at UB or any other institution and receive credit.

    How can my student become reinstated?
    A student must be approved for reinstatement by his or her academic department. Students should contact their advisers to get more information on the process. If a student fails to be reinstated within two semesters, he or she must apply for readmission through the Offices of Admission.


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Last Published 7/6/17