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Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Shortly after you accept your admission at UB, you will receive a transfer credit evaluation that determines which of your credits transfer and what requirements are met.

This evaluation is based on the most recent transcript(s) that you provided to the Offices of Admission. It is your responsibility to submit official transcripts from all institutions you previously attended. If you're currently enrolled at another institution, please submit an updated transcript upon completion of all coursework. A final transcript evaluation will be sent to you once all transcripts have been received and credits awarded.

  • UB Subject Codes
    ACCT: Accounting
    ANTH: Anthropology
    ARTS: Art  
    BIOL: Biology
    BULA: Business Law
    CHEM: Chemistry
    CMAT: Communications
    CNCM: Negotiations and Conflict Management
    CSCE: Community Studies and Civic Engagement
    COSC: Computer Science / Networking
    CRJU: Criminal Justice
    ECON: Economics
    ELEC: Elective
    ENGL: English Language and Literature
    ENTR: Entrepreneurship
    ENVS: Environmental Science
    FIN: Finance
    FSCS: Forensic Science
    GEANTH: General Education Anthropology
    GEART: General Education Art
    GEARTS: General Education Arts
    GEBIOL: General Education Biology
    GECHEM: General Education Chemistry
    GECMAT: General Education Communication
    GECNCM: General Education Negotiations
    GECOSC: General Education Computer Science
    GECRJU: General Education Criminal Justice
    GECSCE: General Education Community Studies and Civic Engagement
    GEECON: General Education Economics
    GEENGL: General Education English
    GEENTR: General Education Entrepreneurship
    GEENVS: General Education Environmental Science
    GEGSCI: General Education Science (non-lab)
    GEGSCL: General Education Lab Science
    GEGVPP: General Education Government and Public Policy
    GEHIPL: General Education History/Philosophy
    GEHIST: General Education History
    GEIDIS: General Education Interdisciplinary Studies
    GEINSS: General Education Information Systems
    GEMATH: General Education Mathematics
    GEMGMT: General Education Management
    GEOPRE: General Education Operations Research
    GEPHIL: General Education Philosophy
    GEPHSC: General Education Physical Science
    GEPSYC: General Education Psychology
    GESOCI: General Education Sociology
    GESOSC: General Education Social Science
    GEWRIT: General Education Writing
    GVPP: Government and Public Policy
    HSMG: Health Systems Management
    HIST: History
    INSS: Information Systems
    IDIS: Interdisciplinary Studies
    MGMT: Management
    MKGT: Marketing
    MATH: Mathematics
    OPRE: Operations Research
    PENDING: Pending Review
    PHIL: Philosophy
    PHSC: Physical Science
    PSYC: Psychology
    SOCI: Sociology
    SPAN: Spanish
    WRIT: Writing
  • UB Number Codes

    100-200: Lower-Level Course
    300-400: Upper-Level Course
    TR: Transfer Course

  • Helpful Notes

    The total number of credits transferred depends on the type of institution(s) you attended. UB transfers:

    • a maximum of 63 credits from community colleges
    • up to 70 credits from four-year institutions
    • a maximum of 20 additional credits for upper-division (junior and senior year) courses.

    No more than 90 total credits may be transferred. The last 30 credits of your degree must be taken at UB.

    Please review your evaluation to ensure the Offices of Admission have received transcripts from all schools you attended. If they have not been received (that is, do not appear on your transfer evaluation or are pending), please contact those institutions that have not yet sent transcripts and do what is necessary to have those transcripts sent to the Offices of Admission at UB. Remember, they must be official, sealed transcripts.

    Remember that your evaluation is not complete until the Offices of Admission has received all of your official transcripts.

If you have questions or need assistance in understanding your document, please contact the Office of Transfer Admission at 410.837.4777 or

Finding Your Evaluation

Last Published 3/8/17