Health System Improvement in Croatia

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The School of Health and Human Services invites you to a discussion:
European Union Conditionality as Impetus for
Health System Improvement in Croatia
Jessica Skopac, JD, PhD
Presentation – BC 001
1:30 – 2:30 Wednesday February 13, 2013
This presentation explores how the “Europeanization” of Croatia has affected the Croatian health system and its stakeholders. Supranational organizations, such as the European Union, have the potential to harness the enthusiasm of candidate nations and to influence domestic policies of member states by imposing economic sanctions on countries that fail to comply with international health and human rights standards and by offering economic incentives to countries that do comply. Economic stability attendant to EU membership encourages nations to work together to overcome differences and to adopt social policy reforms by providing a tangible and imminent incentive. The EU has tremendous, and largely underutilized, potential to promote health system improvement by providing economic incentives to candidate countries as part of the integration process. In this study, the researcher used qualitative methodology to examine the evolution of Croatian health policy in the context of EU integration. 

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