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February 28, 2014

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 AM
Location: Liberal Arts and Policy Building 305
Contact Name: Fiona Glade
Contact Phone: 410-837-5914
Contact E-mail:

As part of the UB Student Success Initiative, the University Writing Program invites all faculty to participate in a free, one-day, interactive workshop, USING WRITING AS A TOOL FOR LEARNING, which offers an overview of some practical techniques for assigning and responding to student writing. Join colleagues from across UB for a day of sharing ideas and assignments.      

Our goal is to improve your students’ writing as well as their comprehension of your course content. Teaching content through writing fosters student success, without increasing the responding/grading workload for instructors, by asking students to think through and make connections in the subjects they are studying. We are committed to improving student writing in all disciplines.

Attendees will learn ways to improve their students’ understanding of disciplinary content by assigning informal writing—such as drafts, journals, peer reviews, self-reflection, and free-writing—which helps students become aware of writing as a recursive process and as a tool for understanding. Led by the Director and the Coordinator of the University Writing Program, participants will discuss using writing to teach content, and will work on incorporating informal and reflective writing tasks into classes.

Attendees will also participate in discussion about the new UB Student Writing Guide; specifically, conversation will focus on identifying categories, sections, and topics to include in the guide.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided, courtesy of the UB Student Success Initiative. To register for the retreat, contact Fiona Glade, Writing Program Director at or campus extension 5914.

Space is limited: please respond by February 17.