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Learn more about Omicron Delta Kappa at UB.

  • Purpose, Vision and Mission

    The purpose of the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is threefold:
    • first, to recognize those who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines;
    • second, to bring together the most representative students in all phases of collegiate life and thus to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest;
    • third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution, as well as other Omicron Delta Kappa members, on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness.
    Omicron Delta Kappa will transform the lives and careers of UB scholars through the seamless intertwining of leadership and service.

    Omicron Delta Kappa at UB will exemplify the values of leadership, service, and scholarship by connecting students to meaningful and rewarding experiences and developing lasting traditions.
  • History

    Omicron Delta Kappa Society was the first college honor society of a national scope to give recognition and honor for meritorious leadership and service in extracurricular activities and to encourage development of campus citizenship. The organization recognizes achievement in the following areas: scholarship; athletics; campus/ community service, social/religious activities and campus government; journalism, speech and the mass media; creative and performing arts.

    A new tradition began at UB in May 2007 when the first ever group of members were initiated.
  • Membership Fee and Bylaws

    There is no fee to apply to the society, however, if accepted there is a lifetime membership fee of $95, payable in advance of initiation. Part of the membership fee ($70) goes to the national Omicron Delta Kappa society and includes lifetime membership, a membership certificate, a recognition button, and a 3-year subscription to The Circle, Omicron Delta Kappa’s news publication. The remainder of the fee ($25) is retained for general expenses of the society at the University of Baltimore. More information on the membership fee and other bylaws it outlined here.
  • Further Information

    For further information about the society at UB, e-mail

    For more information on officer's roles and tips for a successful circle, or to read the Omicron Delta Kappa manual, visit the society's national Web site.

Last Published 6/17/15