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Committees are the backbone of Omicron Delta Kappa at UB.

Each committee is responsible for promoting and maintaining the Omicron Delta Kappa ideas on campus. This is done through:

  • collaborative brainstorming and idea generation
  • planning and organizing events
  • creating marketing and promotional campaigns
  • organizing manpower for events
  • enlisting other committees where necessary.

The staffing goal of each committee is to pursue and maintain three or more active members at all times. Committees shall consist of, at minimum, one officer, one alumni, and one student member-at-large.

List of Committees:

    • Fundraising and Events Committee

      This committee develops and plans all fundraising opportunities; assists other committees with events where funds are expected to be collected; and plans and executes the initiations ceremony each semester.

    • Marketing and Communications Committee

      This committee assists with all public relations, marketing and communications efforts, including event publicity, communication with current members, the alumni newsletter and the society's Web site.
    • Volunteer and Service Committee

      This committee seeks, develops and organizes volunteer opportunities within UB and the surrounding community. The committee is responsible for identifying volunteer activities, developing and fostering relationships with sponsors, recruiting volunteers and coordinating efforts. They are also responsible for task and location assignment.
    • Audit Committee (two vacancies)

      This committee conducts audits to ensure we are in alignment with regional and/or national guidelines.
Last Published 6/17/15