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Communicate Your Brand

Duane Jordan
corporate communications major
creative writing minor

Career Goal: To get a job as a photographer in an advertising department

Unique Brand: On-time. Responsive. Passionate. Focused on emotions of subject. Customer-oriented.

Professional Pitch: As a senior at University of Baltimore, I am studying Corporate Communications with a minor in creative writing. My goal is to become an established commercial photographer. While at UB I have conducted several photo shoots, learned Photoshop and have interned as a photographer for the Center for Student Involvement. I deliver on time and have been cited for excellence. I plan ultimately to move to New York to work for a magazine or corporation.

Industry: Retail clothing or entertainment

Geographic Parameters: New York City

Company Culture: Company that inspires their customers through their advertisements. Company that has a social conscience. Company that treats its employees well.

List of Target Companies:
J.Y.P Entertainment
Express Clothing
H&M Clothing
Marc Jacobs
Calvin Klein
Vogue Magazine
Men's Vogue
Modern Bride Magazine
Elegant Bride Magazine
Allure Magazine
GQ Magazine
Vanity Fair Magazine
S.M Entertainment
Y.G. Entertainment
Time Warner
Universal Music Group

How do you stand out?

Once you are clear about your direction, have explored where you fit in the world of work and have created your Professional Pitch, you are ready to create your own brand in the competitive marketplace. Your brand differentiates you from every other person who seeks a similar professional goal. Your brand reveals what makes you unique and well-suited to the goal you have chosen.

At this point in the Career Cycle, you will express your brand in three ways:

These key communications pieces power your Action Plan and guide you in turning your goals into reality.