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Build online presence

Create your online footprint.

Your online identity can include Facebook, Twitter and other social and professional networking sites. Make sure your communications reflect what you would like a prospective employer to see.

Online Sites

LinkedIn is an important tool for online professional networking. According to LinkedIn, 85% of employers say a positive online reputation enhances employability.

Establishing an online presence is important for students and employees alike. "The earlier, the better," say the experts. Since employers use the Internet to find out everything they can about a potential hire, anything posted online is fair game. Make your online presence count: Use your postings to create a positive image of yourself.


Do you have an e-Portfolio?

Work samples and collateral supporting materials relevant to your field that you maintain online can be convenient for a prospective employer and can include:

  • resume
  • reference letters
  • certifications
  • writing sample, if appropriate to position
  • design portfolio, including photos of your work
  • web development work samples, if appropriate

Beware of problems with large files that will be difficult for a prospective employer to download.


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