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Promote yourself

If you aren't talking about yourself, no one is.

Networking is, by far, the most effective way to promote your brand. Once you have created your communications pieces (Professional Pitch, resume, portfolio (if appropriate), cover letter and Online Presence), it's time to spread the word among all your friends, family, professional relationships, faculty, staff and UB alumni about what you want to make happen.

Deliver your professional pitch any chance you get to those who can tell you about:

  • Internships in your area of study
  • Information about a particular company or industry from an insider’s viewpoint
  • What it’s like to work in your field
  • How to differentiate yourself in your field and where the action is
  • Trends and issues unique to your field from someone who knows
  • Company or industry culture determined only from insiders
  • Graduate schools of choice in your field by reputation

Take advantage of UB events, club membership opportunities, company information sessions, departmental programs, Professional Development Institute mentoring, our networking sessions, professional association presentations in your field, internship openings, experiential learning and/or diversity programs. Check out our upcoming events.

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