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Discover Your Direction

I'm the President of the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA) and I really enjoy being involved in the UB community. While I'm currently clerking at the Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City, I plan to practice law in the Baltimore-DC area.

Tarsila Talarico, L.L.M.

I plan to continue my education in business and am applying to the MBA program at Robert H Smith University of Maryland where my father went.

Myles Tabong
senior international student, finance

Where do you want to go?

It pays to learn more about yourself—your knowledge, skills, abilities, accomplishments and the values that drive you. When you know your strengths, when you know what brings you joy, when you know what you do better than most other people and what matters most to you, you can create your own route to personal fulfillment. It starts with asking questions, doing some real soul searching and using the many resources available to you.

In this phase of the Career Cycle, you can discover your direction by:

Working in this phase involves writing your Professional Goal. Remember that your goals will change as you develop your career. Rewrite as often as you like.

I am interested in law, particularly medical malpractice to help children disabled by doctor's mistakes. I am also considering working for an intelligence agency such as the FBI or doing some type of humanitarian work. Right now I am getting experience in many ways including starting the Respect Life Club, membership in the Honor's Program, working in the technology lab and part-time as a Daycare Aid.

Ann Margaret Zelenka
sophomore, jurisprudence

My Career goal is to work with a Bank as a Financial Advisor. I want to land an internship with Bank of America or M&T Bank.

Kenneth Nwoye
junior, business management

I am currently completing my MPA degree and hope to get a job in Public Policy, Research, Legislative or Public Affairs or something in the non-profit area. My ultimate future goal is to practice international and immigration law since I am an international student from Nigeria.

Mobie Nwaokomah, MPA

As a major in digital entertainment, I would love writing stories for games and bringing ideas to life. Baltimore is the second largest gaming community in the country so UB is a good place to start. My next goal is to find an internship where I will get experience game testing and quality testing. Later, I will move up to writing stories and then creative director.

Edwin Guerrero
sophomore, simulation and digital entertainment

My professional goal is to be well-positioned in finance management. My MBA will allow me to upgrade my skills and expertise and ultimately to undertake greater responsibility in a senior management role such as Chief Financial Officer of an organization. I will look for experince to broaden my outlook such as management of people, involvement in MBA projects and investor relations so that I can serve as a strategic partner to the CEO.

Yun Liu
MBA finance