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Celebrate accomplishments

Celebrating your accomplishments in every job, internship and volunteer activity is the single most effective way to create a strong resume and prepare for a great interview.

Take one job at a time and recall what you accomplished that contributed to the success of the organization. What was the situation, what action did you take to address the situation and what was the result? Try and write five accomplishments for each role. Some examples of accomplishments might be:

  • Starting the first-ever swim competition as a summer camp counselor
  • Receiving an award for innovation
  • Writing an excellent report
  • Heading up a committee that accomplished something wonderful
  • Helping a co-worker or direct report accomplish something
  • Taking on a leadership role on a committee or board

For example: 1) "Developed conflict resolution program for at-risk kids that substantially reduced fighting among all campers" or 2) "Published white paper, 'Communicating with PhD Scientists as Customers,' in Business Journal, which has become best practice go-to paper company-wide."

Brainstorm accomplishment statements for every job you have held for the last ten years of your work life. These will enhance your resume and will be the "stuff" of stories to tell during interviews. Keep adding accomplishments to your list as you gain experience. Think of a job/internship as a series of accomplishments.