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The sooner you begin your internship search, the less intimidating it will feel and the more prepared you will be. Employers typically start seeking interns early on, so you want to start your preparation a semester or more prior to your internship. Follow this timeline (click here for a downloadable, printable pdf) and use our services to begin your search.

Internships are valuable ways to experience the world of work firsthand. Start early.

Employers offer internship opportunities to give students exposure to their organization while also observing interns' capability for contributing to their objectives. There are many advantages to participating in internships for you and for the employer. Some companies offer very structured internships designed to lead to job opportunities; others are just willing to give you a chance to learn in a real-world environment.

  • What is an internship?

    An internship is usually a one-time work or service experience related to your academic major or career goals. Internships generally involve students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals. They can be paid, for academic credit or no credit; and they can be part-time or full-time (typically part-time during the academic year but may be full-time during summer and winter breaks).

    Paid vs. Unpaid
    Internships are either paid or unpaid depending on the type, industry and size of a company. This is a factor to consider in your search. Being a paid intern is certainly more favorable, but the experience gained even in unpaid situations can be invaluable. Often times, unpaid internships can provide you with college credit, travel or meal stipends, although there is no guarantee of this. For more information, review the U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act on Internship Programs. And remember, whether paid or unpaid, an internship can be a valuable experience with numerous benefits.

    Credit vs. Non-credit

    Academic Credit Internships Non-credit Internships
    Earn academic credit torward graduation No academic credit earned
    Registration for internship class and tuition payment required No registration or tuition required
    Requires approval from department's Faculty Internship Director; supervision and learning goal development provided No approval required; no supervision or learning goal development provided by Faculty Internship Director
    Formal contract between student, Director and employee about responsibilities is established No formal contract necessarily established
    Certain class level or number of credits required per department's guidelines Students at any class level can apply
    A determined number of hours must be completed per department's guidelines Hours are negotiable, not mandated by department
    Paid or unpaid Paid or unpaid
    Benefits include earning credit towards degree, gaining professional experience, building network, increasing knowledge and skills, gaining better understanding of career goal Benefits include gaining professional experience, building network, increasing knowledge and skills, gaining better understanding of career goal
  • What are the benefits of internships?

    Apply classroom learning to a specific industry or work environment

    Explore a job/career without a permanent commitment

    Enhance professional skills and understanding of organizational cultures

    Gain networking opportunities and potentially acquire a mentor

    Increase marketability to employers

  • How do I get started?

    Consider what kind of internship fits with your career goals and academics interests.

    Make an appointment with a Career Coach to clarify your goals and review your resume and cover letter before you begin the application process. Complete or update your UBworks profile.

    If you're seeking academic credit, contact your department's faculty internship adviser to ensure you meet the requirements for an academic internship.

  • Where can I search for internships?

    Search UB's internship sites:
    Merrick School of Business  | Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences  | College of Public Affairs

    In addition to our own database, UBworks, you can search through these sites:
    A searchable database of internships
    The Baltimore Collegetown Network brings 16 area colleges and universities together with government, business and community leaders to develop and market Baltimore as a vibrant place to live and learn.
    A searchable database of internships by industry and country

    Federal internship Directory
    One of the best ways to gain experience and make connections within government is to intern with a federal agency. Take advantage of this valuable resource and search for internships that match your interests, experience and skills.
    A searchable database of internships
    USAJOBS is the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information.

    Intern Opportunities within Federal Government
    Listing of internship opportunities available to undergraduate, graduate and law students within the federal government.

    A great website for finding articles and resources about internships and other experiential opportunities.

    Magazine Publishers of America Internships
    Provides links to internship opportunities with a variety of magazines and magazine publishers.

    An internship and volunteer search engine for opportunities with Not-For-Profit Organizations nationwide.

    Everett Public Service Intern Program A searchable database of paid internships with Not-For-Profits in Washington, DC. is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards.
    CareerBuilder puts over 1 million jobs in front of poised job seekers wherever they are - at home or at work - in print and on the Internet.
    Contains a searchable database of internships
    Comprehensive list of summer internships by profession
    List of 40,000 internships from 1300+ employers in 1600 cities nationwide
    An internship and job search database.

Watch this video to learn how to search for internships or jobs in UBworks:
(See "Getting Started in UBworks" tutorial first.)

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