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Get experience

You'll often hear, "experience required." So, go get some.

Attend professional association meetings

These organizations provide networking and social events, where you can meet people already engaged in your chosen profession, and career services to help newcomers to the field. They are great places for students to go to build networks, set up informational interviews, find mentors, get internships, and earn scholarships. Read more about Professional Associations.

Engage in informational interviews

Find people who are doing what you would like to do and "pick their brains." Invite them for coffee, saying you know they are experts in their field and you want to learn about trends, opportunities, ideas for transitioning into their company or industry or sector. You are NOT asking for a job; you are seeking information to better prepare yourself to make this transition. (By the way, if they know of a job, they'll tell you.) Read more about informational interviewing.

Consider experiential learning opportunities at UB

Experiential learning gives students the chance to develop knowlegde, skills and values from direct experience through internships and community-engaged learning. Check out The Law School's experiential learning opportunities.

Get involved

Find like-minded people, organizations, clubs, on-campus activities and membership organizations. Volunteer your time at a place you would love to work. Attend informational sessions at the Career and Professional Development Center. Take a part-time job just to get some experience in your area. Write an article or paper about a related topic for a class assignment. Design your next class project around your career interests. Attend lectures. Talk to professors. Talk to alumni.

Find a mentor

Having someone more experienced than you support you on your career path is invaluable. Most successful people, when asked how they made it, refer to people along the way who mentored them. Look into UB's Professional Development Institute to acquire a mentor.