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UB Career Cycle Discover Your Direction Explore the World of Work Communicate Your Brand Create Your Opportunities

Learn how to manage your own career.

The award-winning UB Career Cycle is a tool you can use repeatedly throughout your lifetime. No matter where you are in your career—just starting out or switching gears—this cycle can help you get where you want to go.

How the UB Career Cycle works:

Each phase of the cycle has a set of outcomes related to your career success. After learning about each phase, you'll be prepared to take an action step

Phase Action Steps
Discover your direction Define your professional goal
Explore the world of work Create your professional pitch
Communicate your brand Design your action plan
Create your opportunities Develop a career management plan

You may travel around the UB Career Cycle multiple times as you gain knowledge, experience and insight.

Gain Experience:

No matter which phase of the UB Career Cycle you are in, gaining experience is crucial. Find out several ways to get experience with our Checklist.

Ready to get started? Find resources related to each step above or download the UB Career Cycle Workbook. You can also utilize our Career Action Plans—checklists to help you make the most of your time at UB:

A Model Cycle

Models of Excellence logo

The UB Career Cycle has been named a Model of Excellence by University Business magazine. "... University of Baltimore developed a program to provide students with the tools for professional success after graduation and beyond," wrote the magazine in spring 2015.

Become an Expert Career Manager

Career planning is a continuous process. Rather than simply prepping you for a job, the Career and Professional Development Center can prepare you to become an expert career manager. You'll learn how to use the UB Career Cycle as a framework for growing professionally, and you'll also learn how to stay:

  • excited about the future
  • engaged in actively pursuing career goals
  • connected through a professional network and brand you build.
Last Published 8/29/17