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Are you ready to make things happen?

Opportunities don't always knock on the door. Make sure you have a strategic plan to stay focused on your professional goal.

As you create your opportunities, you will:

  • practice interviews

    The interview is your chance to shine. No matter what opportunity you seek, these interview tips and resources can help.

  • engage your network
    Your network can lead you to the right people who can open doors for you. Every effort helps.

    Take a look at the list of target organizations from your action plan. Ask everyone you know whether they can introduce you to someone affiliated with one of the companies on your list. It doesn't need to be the hiring manager; it can be anyone within the company who can ultimately lead you to the person who might hire you.

    Here's how to get started:
    1. Ask to meet with your referral for 20 minutes maximum.
    2. Ask relevant questions about trends and opportunities.
    3. Get additional referrals by asking who else you might speak with.
    4. Do not ask for a job—only for information that can lead to a job.
    5. Follow up with a proper "thank you."
    6. Repeat this process until you land a new job.
  • find a job
    Now it's time to put all your preparation to work. Check out our how-to guides, including tips on searching for a job, or start your job search in UBworks.

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Action Step

After you create your opportunities, you'll be ready to develop a career management plan.

Last Published 7/26/16