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Explore the World of Work Discover Your Direction Communicate Your Brand Create Your Opportunities

Where do you belong?

Exploring the world of work means searching for your "sweet spot." You'll discover and confirm that your professional goal is a good fit. In this phase, you're encouraged to learn about trends in your field, problems you want to solve and challenges you will face. 

As you explore the world of work, you will:

  • research the marketplace

    Research careers, industries and companies you are considering for your next step.

    UB students have access to Vault Career Intelligence, where you can research a company or industry, prepare for an interview, or try to find a job or internship. You can access vault with one click anywhere on campus or by using your email to log in when you're off campus.

    Additional Online Resources

  • gain industry knowledge

    As you research the marketplace, it’s very important that you learn the ins and outs of the industry and occupations you decide to pursue.  Being knowledgeable about your industry will help you communicate your brand, succeed at interviewing and establish yourself as a leader in your field.  One of the best methods for gaining industry knowledge is to gain experience in your fields of interest through job opportunities (full-time or part-time), internships or volunteering.  Below are a few methods to consider when seeking to gain industry knowledge:

    Attend professional association meetings.
    See if the industry you're interested in has a local organization that hosts networking or social events where you can meet people already engaged in your chosen profession and connect to career services to help newcomers to the field. These organizations are great places to start building your networks.

    Schedule an informational interview.
    Find someone who is doing what you would like to do and "pick their brain." Invite them for coffee, saying you know they are experts in their field and you want to learn about trends, opportunities and ideas for transitioning into their industry or sector. Remember: You are not asking for a job; you are seeking information to better prepare yourself to make this transition. (By the way, if they know of a job, they'll tell you.)

    Look into experiential learning opportunities at UB.
    Taking part in research- and project-based learning, community engagement activities, internships, studying abroad, etc. can allow you to develop your knowledge, skills and values through direct experience.

    Get involved.
    Find on-campus organizations where you can connect with like-minded people. Volunteer your time at a place you would love to work. Take a part-time job to get some experience in your area. Design your next class project around your career interests. Attend lectures. Talk to professors. Talk to alumni. The opportunities are endless.

    Find a mentor.
    Having someone more experienced than you support you on your career path is invaluable. Most successful people, when asked how they made it, refer to people along the way who mentored them. Look into UB's Professional Development Institute to get connected.

  • find an internship
    Internships are invaluable ways to experience the world of work firsthand. Start now.

Our Explore Career Industries page can help you discover how your major relates to companies and job opportunities that lie ahead.

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Action Step

After you explore the world of work, you'll be ready to create your professional pitch.

Last Published 5/10/17