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Gain Experience Checklist

No matter which phase of the UB Career Cycle you are in, gaining experience is crucial. While you are a student at UB, you should set a goal to gain experience through at least 2-3 of these methods.

  • Attend professional association meetings and conferences.
    See if the industry you're interested in has a local, regional or national organization that hosts networking or social events where you can meet people already engaged in your chosen profession and connect to career services to help newcomers to the field. These organizations are great places to start building your networks, and many offer reduced membership rates for students.
  • Schedule an informational interview.
    Find someone who is doing what you would like to do and "pick their brain." Invite them for coffee, saying you know they are experts in their field and you want to learn about trends, opportunities and ideas for transitioning into their industry or sector. Remember: You are not asking for a job; you are seeking information to better prepare yourself to make this transition. (By the way, if they know of a job and think you’ll be a good fit, they'll tell you.) Resources: Savor UB or LinkedIn UB page
  • Look into experiential learning opportunities at UB.
    Further develop your knowledge, skills and abilities by participating in research- and project-based learning; community and civic engagement activities; or internships, study abroad and work-study positions.
  • Get involved on campus and in the community. Grow your skills and develop relationships in whatever ways you can. Employers desire candidates who get involved outside of what is required academically and seek out candidates who can demonstrate they are leaders. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • Student Organizations: Develop and grow your skills that can be directly transferable to the workplace while meeting new people and developing long-lasting relationships—a key skill for networking. As you dedicate more time and effort, you may consider taking on leadership roles within the organization. Learn more
    • Volunteer: Give back to your community and put your passion for a specific cause to work. Turning your passion into a profession is a surefire way to find work that is meaningful—and to make a difference in Baltimore and beyond. Learn more
    • Lectures and Seminars: Gain knowledge and perspective when you attend some of the many lectures, workshops and seminars that happen throughout the year on campus. Learn what’s happening on campus through UB Today, an email sent to the UB community each weekday, or by visiting the UB Calendar.
  • Find a mentor. Having someone more experienced than you to support you on your career path is invaluable. Most successful people, when asked how they made it, refer to people along the way who mentored them. Ask someone in your network if they’d mentor you, or try one of these avenues:
    • Professional Development Institute: Connect with a mentor who will help you explore your interests, set career goals and grow professionally. Learn more
    • Savor UB: Talk with a UB alumni who has a similar career path over a meal at a local Baltimore restaurant. From there, informal, one-on-one mentoring relationships can develop. Learn more
  • Connect with faculty and alumni. As a student at UB, you are part of a strong—and large—network. Our faculty and alumni work in their fields and already have industry knowledge and connections. They know firsthand the impact a UB education has, and they’ve made the transition from college to the workplace. Developing connections with them will afford you greater insight into possible careers and help you continue to network long after graduation. Resource: LinkedIn UB page
Last Published 12/13/16