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Explore your options.

There are so many places your UB education can take you.

Each of the industries below relates to an academic program offered at UB. You can use the links provided to explore companies and job opportunities that lie ahead.

  • Employers in Maryland by Industry
    Industry Number of Companies
    Accounting 2,982
    Advertising 877
    Art and Fine Arts 1,068
    Business Analytics 1,595
    Business Management 21,742
    Communications and Media Studies 3,154
    Computer Science 4,402
    Criminal Justice 988
    English 4,827
    Entertainment Management 161
    Entrepreneurship 74
    Environmental Studies 542
    Finance 3,991
    Forensic Science 78
    Graphic Design and Commercial Art 1,135
    Healthcare Management 406
    History 3,902
    Human Development and Family Studies 3,004
    Human Resource Management 746
    International Affairs 114
    International Business 297
    Management Information Systems 3,041
    Marketing 1,162
    Paralegal Studies 1,139
    Political Science 988
    Psychology 1,150
    Public Finance and Taxation 151
    Public Policy 1,092
    Real Estate 12,817

    This information was provided by the company information database Buzzfile and was last updated in spring 2015.

  • Employers in the United States by Industry
    Industry Number of Companies
    Accounting 129,667
    Advertising 51,848
    Art and Fine Arts 48,850
    Business Analytics 55,607
    Business Management 814,648
    Communications and Media Studies 166,345
    Computer Science 138,101
    Criminal Justice 67,535
    English 266,399
    Entertainment Management 8,551
    Entrepreneurship 3,462
    Environmental Studies 23,995
    Finance 216,275
    Forensic Science 3,733
    Graphic Design and Commercial Art 43,799
    Healthcare Management 13,262
    History 232,905
    Human Development and Family Studies 158,356
    Human Resource Management 26,880
    International Affairs 4,280
    International Business 19,071
    Management Information Systems 71,660
    Marketing 62,779
    Paralegal Studies 68,055
    Political Science 76,839
    Psychology 51,735
    Public Finance and Taxation 8,418
    Public Policy 82,302
    Real Estate 710,490

    This information was provided by the company information database Buzzfile and was last updated in spring 2015.

  • Types of Jobs by Industry
    Field PDF
    Accounting PDF
    Advertising PDF
    Business PDF
    Communication Studies PDF
    Computer Science PDF
    Criminal Justice PDF
    Economics PDF
    Education PDF
    English PDF
    Finance PDF
    Graphic Design PDF
    History PDF
    Human Resources PDF
    Human Services PDF
    International Business PDF 
    Journalism PDF
    Law PDF
    Management PDF
    Management Information Systems PDF
    Marketing PDF
    Political Science PDF 
    Psychology PDF 
    Public Administration PDF
    Public Health PDF
    Public Relations PDF
    Social Work PDF
    Sociology PDF
    Urban Studies PDF
  • Explore Your Industry on VAULT
    • Career Paths: This resource is designed to help you discover which occupations are the best fit for your skills and interests. It also provides information on the overall job market, including information needed to land jobs that will put you on the path toward a successful career (use your ubalt email address to log into VAULT).
    • Industry Video Q&A: The Q&A videos include interviews with professionals across many industries providing you with the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work in a given profession. The videos cover topics such as the main duties of each role, a typical day on the job, work setting, education & training needed, industry outlook and much more.

Want to know more? You can take career assessments to discover what direction you're headed in, or connect with a career coach to learn more about how a UB major can become a pathway to your perfect career. Learn more about exploring the world of work.

Last Published 3/24/17