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Internship profiles

Here are a few UB students who have recently landed internships. You might also be interested in knowing where UB graduates work.


  • akash profile photo

    Major: Accounting
    Company: Malone & Company
    What did you enjoy about your internship? Time management and pacing yourself during the busy tax season was highly important. I learned how to manage my time very well and I enjoyed this new and crazy experience.

  • amrita profile photo

    Major: Global Affairs and Human Security
    Company: Amnesty International
    What are the steps you took to land your internship? I researched the organization extensively and made sure I was caught up with current news dealing with the campaigns/issues I would be working on. I also made sure to tailor my resume and cover letter to highlight experience/skills they were looking for.

  • terronda profile photo

    Major: Public Administration
    Company: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
    What skills do you have that gave you an advantage in securing this internship? UB prepared me for real-work projects given during the CMS internship through the required core classes and electives. Each class project and lecture equipped me with the skills needed to competitively compete with other applicants.

  • chris profile photo

    Major: Environmental Sustainability and Human Ecology
    Company: Center for Environmental Farming System
    What did you enjoy about your internship? The people. Farming and agriculture brings a wide variety of humans together and everyone has an interesting backstory and something to teach. We were instructed by Professors with PhD’s ... right alongside former Peace Corps members, high school graduates with decades of experience in their respective fields, foreign farmers and way more people than I can list.

  • kenneth profile photo

    Major: Real Estate and Economic Development
    Company: Pyramid Realty Associates
    What was challenging about your internship? Keeping pace and learning the system was a challenge at the beginning but I got better after making a lot of my mistakes. There is so much more to learn and I would highly recommend an internship for anyone wanting to get experience in their chosen field.

  • anna profile photo

    Major: Accounting
    Company: CohnReznick
    What skills do you have that gave you an advantage in securing this internship? My biggest skill would have to be dedication. I was able to communicate that I was a hard worker who took pride in the work I was completing. It takes a lot of perseverance to withstand long hours in the office working on complicated accounting issues. By showing CohnReznick that I would be just as dedicated to them was a great advantage for me.

Looking for an internship?

Internship Search Tip: If you're seeking academic credit, contact your department's faculty internship adviser to ensure you meet the requirements for an academic internship. Undergraduate students can review our Internship Guidelines by Major.

Start with our Internship Search Timeline. You should begin your search at least a semester prior to when you expect to start.

Before you begin the application process, make an appointment with a Career Coach to clarify your goals and review your resume and cover letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an internship?

    Internships allow you to experience the world of work firsthand. They also allow employers to give students exposure to their organization while observing the interns' capability for contributing to their objectives.

    An internship is usually a one-time work or service experience related to your academic major or career goals. Internships generally involve students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals. They can be paid, for academic credit or for no credit; and they can be part-time or full-time (typically part-time during the academic year but may be full-time during summer and winter breaks).

  • What are the benefits of an internship?
    • Apply your classroom learning to a specific industry or work environment.
    • Explore a job/career without a permanent commitment.
    • Enhance professional skills and understanding of organizational cultures.
    • Gain networking opportunities and potentially acquire a mentor.
    • Increase your marketability to employers.
  • Paid vs. Unpaid and Credit vs. Noncredit

    Paid vs. Unpaid
    Internships are either paid or unpaid depending on the type, industry and size of a company. This is a factor to consider in your search. Being a paid intern is certainly more favorable, but the experience gained even in unpaid situations can be invaluable. Often times, unpaid internships can provide you with college credit or travel/meal stipends, although there is no guarantee of this. For more information, review the U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act on Internship Programs. And remember, whether paid or unpaid, an internship can be a valuable experience with numerous benefits.

    Credit vs. Noncredit

    Academic Credit Internships Non-credit Internships
    Earn academic credit toward graduation No academic credit earned
    Registration for internship class and tuition payment required No registration or tuition required
    Requires approval from department's faculty internship director; supervision and learning goal development provided No approval required; no supervision or learning goal development provided by faculty internship director
    Formal contract between student, director and employer about responsibilities is established No formal contract necessarily established
    Certain class level or number of credits required per department's guidelines Students at any class level can apply
    A determined number of hours must be completed per department's guidelines Hours are negotiable, not mandated by department
    Paid or unpaid Paid or unpaid
    Benefits include:
    • earning credit towards degree
    • gaining professional experience
    • building network
    • increasing knowledge and skills
    • gaining better understanding of career goal.
    Benefits include:
    • gaining professional experience
    • building network
    • increasing knowledge and skills
    • gaining better understanding of career goal.
  • Where can I search for internships?

    Through UB:

    You can start by connecting with internship options offered by the college or school you are enrolled in:

    UBworks  is our database of available internships and jobs.You can access UBworks through MyUB under "Tools" then click on the UBworks icon to log in.


Looking for a Job?

Job Search Tip: Networking—both online and in person—is the single most important thing you can do. You can respond to posted job openings, initiate contact with places where you would like to work, or both.

Your job search will be most effective if you use the list of target organizations you outlined in your Action Plan.

Consider taking part in an On-Campus Interview. You can also make an appointment with a career coach to discuss your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Location and Development Program

If you've been issued a Federal Work-Study grant, you can find off-campus job opportunities through this program, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Education in collaboration with UB. There are a number of sites actively seeking UB talent; in the past some have included the Maryland Book Bank, Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Enoch Pratt Library. Learn more about the program and its requirements.

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Browse Jobs in UBworks

UBworks app on an iphone (text unreadable)Ready to get started? Learn how to navigate UBworks, our online database to assist you in finding opportunities that match your interests. Inside UBworks, you can:

  • search job and internship postings
  • get event updates
  • connect with employers before and after our career fairs.

Download the free Careers by Symplicity app and you'll have all the UBworks info at your fingertips.

Last Published 3/24/17