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Earn money while you're in college.

Enrolled students may be hired to work in academic and administrative offices in a variety of jobs. There are three types of opportunities:

Please search UBworks or contact campus departments directly to learn of vacancies.

Student eligibility and payment

Position Type Undergraduate Students Graduate Students International Students
Federal Work-Study Eligible Eligible Not Eligible
Student Assistants Eligible Eligible Eligible
Graduate Assistantship Not Eligible Eligible Eligible

Student wages may be paid with Federal Work-Study monies if the student is eligible for financial aid and enrolled at least half time (6 credits). Student assistants may also be paid with funds from the hiring department’s operations budget. Graduate assistants are paid through University and departmental funds.

 * Graduate assistants are selected and supervised by the various departments within which the assistantships are available. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find an job on campus?
    1. Log in to MyUB and click the UBworks icon under the "Tools" section.
    2. Complete your Profile (Click "Profile" located in the upper-left corner of the UBworks homepage).
    3. Upload your resume (Select "Documents," then select "Add New," then upload your resume).
    4. Select "Jobs and Internships" Tab (located in the center of the navigation bar on the UBworks homepage).
    5. In the "Position Type" field, select "Workstudy/Student Assistantship or Graduate Assistantship" or "Federal Work-Study/Student Assistants" and click "Search"
    6. Select the positions you are interested in.
    7. Review the job description thoroughly.
    8. Submit your resume by clicking the "Submit" button (located on the right-hand side of the job posting page).
  • What is Federal Work-Study?

    Federal Work-Study is a federally funded Title IV financial-aid program. Students apply for financial aid and, based on their need and eligibility, may be awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package. Students use their Federal Work-Study award to work on campus in jobs approved for Federal Work-Study. (There are some limited off-campus Federal Work-Study positions.) This allows students to earn money and gain professional experience while they are enrolled in college. Student earnings are limited to the amount of their Federal Work-Study award.

    Federal Work-Study students typically work 20 hours per week but may work more or fewer hours depending upon class schedule and the needs of the hiring department. More hours per week will reduce the award faster.

    Federal Work-Study students are typically paid in the range of $8-12/hour. Jobs that require more advanced skills are usually paid at a higher rate. A higher salary will reduce the award faster.

    Students can check the amount of their Federal Work-Study awards on MyUB. Click the "My Student Center" link on the left side; on the next page, under the Finances tab, you can see a "View Financial Aid" link that will allow you to see your financial aid award. It may be helpful to print this page to take to your interview.

  • How do I verify and print out my Federal Work-Study award?

    1. Log in to MyUB.
    2. Click on "My Student Center" (located in the upper left hand corner, under "My Self Service").
    3. Scroll down to "Finances," then under "Financial Aid" click on "Accept/Decline Awards."
    4. Click the current aid year.
    5. Look under Awards and click on Federal Work-Study.
    6. View your Federal Work-Study award amount by semesters.
    7. Print this page and submit to hiring supervisor.

    NOTE: If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study, your award amount will be shown. If you do not see your award amount under Federal Work-Study, then you have not received it as part of your financial aid package. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for Federal Work-Study, contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 410.837.4763.

  • How do I apply for an on-campus job?

    Follow the directions posted by the hiring department. For most positions, you will need to submit your resume.

  • What if I don't have a resume?

    UBworks has a "Resume Builder" section that allows you to easily create a resume. You may also model your resume after the sample resumes we've provided. Please make an appointment with a career coach if you need additional help with your resume or cover letter.

  • I have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of my financial aid package. Am I guaranteed a job?

    No. You will need to apply and interview for jobs, and the hiring department will choose the candidate most qualified to meet their needs. The Career and Professional Development Center will help you market yourself effectively and assist you in locating positions on UBworks.

  • How do I prove to the hiring department that I have been awarded Federal Work-Study money?

    It is your responsibility to be fully informed about your Federal Work-Study award. Go to MyUB and print out the page that indicates your Federal Work-Study award amount (see directions above). Take this with you when you meet with the hiring department.

  • What happens if I use up all of my Federal Work-Study money before the end of the academic year?

    You can estimate how long your award will last according to your salary and number of hours worked per week. It is advisable for you and your supervisor to track your award. You cannot exceed your award amount, so if you run out of Federal Work-Study money, you must stop working or your department can elect to pay you from their operating budget.

  • I have not been awarded Federal Work-Study. Can I still get a job on campus?

    Yes. A department may hire you as a regular student assistant. The process for applying is the same. Upload your resume to UBworks, apply and interview. The only difference is that the hiring department pays you from their own budget as opposed to federal monies.

  • Since Federal Work-Study is a less expensive way for the department to hire student workers, why would they consider hiring a student assistant out of their own budget?

    Many departments have funds to hire regular student assistants. Some positions require experience or specific types of skills. Federal Work-Study offers one pool of candidates, but not the only pool. Departments are encouraged to hire the best candidate for the job.

  • I’m an international student. Can I work on campus?

    Yes. You can be hired as a regular student assistant. International students are not eligible for Federal Work-Study.

  • How will I be paid?

    If you elect direct deposit, you wages will go directly into your bank account. Otherwise, you will be paid biweekly by check. You can pick up your check in the Office of the Bursar or it will be mailed to you.

Last Published 11/9/15