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Internships offer many benefits to employers. Interns provide your organization with fresh ideas and new perspectives. You have the advantage of mentoring and training an intern for eventual full-time employment.

  • What is an internship?

    An internship is typically a one-time work or service experience related to the student’s academic major or career goal. Internships generally involve students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals. 

    Internships can be paid, for academic credit or no credit; and they can be part-time or full-time (typically part-time during the academic year but may be full-time during summer and winter breaks).

  • Are you ready to hire an intern?

    While hiring an intern offers many benefits to a company, it is also brings responsibility and a commitment on the part of the organization. Internships are designed to provide the student with significant professional opportunities to hone skills and develop an understanding and appreciation for organizational culture. While all interns expect to perform clerical work in support of their jobs, an intern’s job responsibilities should consist of pre-professional or professional activities. As with any professional position, it is recommended that supervisors create and monitor goals, coach and train, and evaluate the intern’s work performance. Internships offer tremendous rewards to both interns and their supervisors.

  • How do I get started if I'm ready to hire an intern?

    Students search for jobs and internships on our UBworks posting site ( Privacy Policy ).
    To post an internship or job: 
    1. Log in (or register if new) to UBworks.
    2. Select "Create Non-OCI Job Posting" located in the "Quick Links" section of the UBworks homepage.
    3. Complete the Non-OCI Posting Form.
    4. Students will respond directly to you with a cover letter, resume and any additional documentation you request via their UBworks accounts.

    NOTE: A student who is seeking academic credit for the internship must collaborate with his/her faculty internship director and the employer will complete documentation. To preview the criteria, check out UB's internship sites:

    Merrick School of Business
    Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences
    College of Public Affairs

  • Resources for beginning an internship from scratch

    15 Best Practices for Internship Programs provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    The Fair Labor Standards Act has developed guidelines for paid and unpaid internships.