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Meet the Staff


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Student Center, Room 306
21 W. Mt. Royal Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201
phone: 410.837.5440
fax: 410.837.5566

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 Lakeisha Mathews

Lakeisha Mathews, director

Lakeisha oversees the Career and Professional Development Center and is responsible for fostering an “all hands on deck” approach to career development at UB. Lakeisha is a Certified Professional Career Coach, Resume Writer and Global Career Development Facilitator. As an administrator with ten years of experience in higher education, Lakeisha’s experience includes residence life, new student orientation, academic advising and career services. Mrs. Mathews views herself as a bridge between education and employment and likes to say that she has helped students gain admission into college, remain in college and exit college—with a job!

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Top 5 Strengths: Achiever | Learner | Discipline | Responsibility | Relator

 charles jennings

 Charles Jennings, associate director

Charles develops, maintains and manages key employer relationships with the goal of promoting on-campus and remote recruitment of UB student talent to employers. Charles has 15 years in the career services arena, in which he has worked in private industry, state government and workforce development. Charles' professional experience has allowed him to work with numerous national and local employers, and has had an integral part in coordinating job fairs and hiring events. Charles is thrilled to exercise his relationship building skills to connect employers with the UB students.

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Top 5 Strengths Input  | Learner | Restorative | Positivity | Futuristic

 Malka Weintraub

Malka Weintraub, career coach and licensed counselor

Malka coaches and counsels students and alumni to achieve their personal, educational and professional goals. She administers and interprets career assessments to assist students and alumni with career decisions and transitions. She has initiated, developed and now leads job search groups that have received national recognition. She leads workshops and teaches classes on career management and job search strategies. Malka has over 15 years' successful professional experience in government, non-profit, private industry and higher education. Malka says, “Your success is my primary goal!”

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Top 5 Strengths: Connectedness | Achiever | Individualization | Relator | Learner

 Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns, career coach

Patrick coaches students and alumni through all stages of the career decision-making process. He especially enjoys helping people define their career direction through self-exploration and reflection. He is an advocate of well-defined job search strategies with targeted and actionable steps. Patrick also enjoys engaging faculty and staff to integrate the center’s vital philosophies and services into the fabric of the University. Patrick says, “I believe that nearly any goal is possible when it is created with purpose and passion. As long as we believe in our destination, it’s just a matter of getting there. And I am excited to help!”

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Top 5 Strengths: Learner | Futuristic | Context | Individualization | Input

 Amy Diggins

Amy Diggins, program coordinator

Amy is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure departmental effectiveness and efficiency. She also supervises student workers in the Center to provide excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff and employers visiting the office. Amy has 7 years of student support services experience and is very passionate about developing students to maximize their utmost potential. “I am most proud when students return to the office and inform me that I contributed to them reaching their goals.”

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Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer | Positivity | Arranger | Developer | Empathy

 Lisa Punter

Lisa Punter, Professional Development Institute Coordinator

Lisa manages the Professional Development Institute programs that matches students with staff, faculty and alumni as a mentor. She also coaches students and alumni on career development and holds the designation of Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). Lisa's experience includes professional development training, teaching career development courses, connecting students to the employment community, and serving as an advisor to student organizations. Her “occupassion” is working with and developing mentoring programs and believes that her mission is to empower others to reach their highest potential.

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Top 5 Strengths: Woo | Communication | Maximizer | Positivity | Activator


Our Staff

staff group photo

From left to right:
Charles Jennings, Lakeisha Mathews, Malka Weintraub, Lisa Punter, Patrick Burns, Amy Diggins,

  • Career Peer Educators

     breana davis

    Breana Davis

    Breana Davis is a Junior studying Community Studies and Civic Engagement with a strong interest in Urban Planning, Counselling and Public Policy. As a first year Career Peer Educator, Breana is excited to build connections with students at the University, as well as assist students in their professional journey. Breana is strong believer that students have the opportunity to take charge in their careers, and work within their interests. In addition to being a CPE, she also works in Admissions as an Orientation Ambassador, serves as the Co-Chair for the Leadership and Service Council, sits as a board member for the Student Freedom Coalition, and enjoys cooking, raising awareness and meeting new people.

     brianna talley

    Brianna Talley

    Brianna is a junior marketing major, who hopes to pursue a career in public relations or content management, with the ultimate goal of becoming an entrepreneur. This is her first year working as a Career Peer Educator (CPE) on campus, and she is very excited about using her skills and passion for helping others, in order to help guide students into discovering their purpose through the career services offered in the CPDC. In addition to being a CPE, she also works in Admissions as an Orientation Ambassador, and enjoys traveling, food, and listening to music in her free time.

  • Graduate Assistants/Externs

     Aaron Knizner

    Aaron Knizner

    Aaron is a Graduate Assistant at the Career and Professional Development Center, focusing on advancing the relationship between the University of Baltimore's students and the University’s business and non-profit partners. He is also a Maryland Community Fellow, working with the Baltimore CASH campaign to provide financial literacy to low-income families in Baltimore. As a seven-year account management professional, Aaron is currently pursuing an MBA with a specialty in Healthcare Management.

     Billie McCain

    Billie McCain

    Billie aids in the creation of marketing and promotional material for career center events. She also holds a communications internship with Monumental Sports and Entertainment promoting events and tracking media coverage for the Verizon Center. With a passion for creating engaging and compelling content, Billie is working to obtain her Masters degree in Publications Design.

    Jennifer Shedlosky

    Jennifer Shedlosky

    Jenn is an advanced graduate student at the Career and Professional Development Center obtaining her Master's Degree in Applied Psychology. She is interested in counseling and assisting undergraduates, graduates, and alum in their future career endeavors. She helps the UB community with career transitions, ease of anxiety surrounding the application process, decision-making skills, and resume development. She enjoys being a dependable support system for her clients and helping them figure out where and how they will feel most comfortable in the work world.

     Shante Williams

    Shanté Williams

    Shanté coaches and counsels members of the UB community on how to navigate through their career journeys. She assists students and alumni with career decisions, transitions, and experiencing various challenges related to their careers and courses of study and she administers and interprets career assessments. Her goal is to help students and alumni achieve their personal, educational and professional goals. Shanté enjoys empowering students and alumni to author their career stories.

  • Student Assistants

    Allison-Nicole Santiful
    Allison-Nicole Santiful is a current first-year undergraduate student at the University of Baltimore. She is currently majoring in Criminal Justice with future plans to work for the FBI. She graduated from the oldest all girls' public high school in the United States, Western High School, and started my future at UB. She considers herself to be a determined person who goes after what she wants and will not stop until she becomes successful.

    Brionna Gulliver
    Brionna Gulliver is a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Baltimore. Her immediate goal is to obtain a bachelor's and master's degree in Psychology. She has a strong desire to pursue this field because of her passion to support and guide others through their life's journey. She believes with her strengths being: harmony, connectedness, achiever, focus and developer, she will be very successful in this field. Upon graduation, she aspires to work in an environment in which she can counsel, assist, and encourage people of all ages through psychotherapeutic techniques.

    Clarisse Mayuga
    Clarisse is a transfer student from Montgomery College and she is majoring in International Business. Her future plans include studying abroad and after graduating, she hopes to work with one of the global companies here in Baltimore. Clarisse is currently involved as the Events Coordinator for the International Student Association, and she is also a member of the Marketing Club. During her free time, she enjoys dancing and volunteering at various comic book, gaming, and anime conventions throughout the east coast.

    Duane Bond Jr.
    Duane Bond Jr. is a Junior Government and Public Policy Student. His future plans are to become a politician that focuses on Domestic and Cultural Affairs and Urban Revitalization. He is currently involved on campus with the Student Government Association as a Senator. Duane began working at the Career and Professional Development Center during March 2014 and has been actively learning and adapting to the professional work environment of the corporate world.

    Tatyana Tate
    Tatyana Tate is a freshman Pre-Business Finance major. Upon receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance, Tatyana plans to work to put herself through Culinary School. Her ultimate dreams are to own numerous restaurants and also a non-profit organization geared towards helping the hungry. Since joining the Career and Professional Development Center staff in the fall, Tatyana has begun her transformation into becoming a well-rounded student.

    Zakiya Sewell
    Zakiya Sewell is currently a sophomore at the University of Baltimore, majoring in Psychology. Upon receiving her Bachelors in Psychology, she anticipates joining the Air Force in order to further pursue her desired career as a FBI agent. Since joining the Career and Professional Development Center's team, Zakiya says that her experience has been not only fulfilling, but reassuring. "Being a part of this team, I get to see the ins and outs of different career fields, and explore multiple internship opportunities." Holistically, Zakiya has become a valuable member of the team as she partners with different staff members to complete a plethora of different projects that in turn illuminate the University of Baltimore's Student experience with the Career and Professional Development Center.



  • Delta Epsilon Iota

    Delta Epsilon Iota executive board

    Delta Epsilon Iota is the bridge between outstanding students and Career Services.

    Since our inception, Delta Epsilon Iota's mission has been to educate members about career development, encourage academic excellence, and promote the principles of Dedication, Enthusiasm, and Initiative in all aspects of campus life. Over the years, the Society has embraced these values and is now one of the leading academic honor societies serving higher education.

    Membership is comprised of outstanding scholars attending many of the finest educational institutions in the country. Organizational vision and cutting edge resources have made the Delta Epsilon Iota name synonymous with leadership and academic excellence.

  • Career Advisory Board

    The purpose of the Career Advisory Board of the Career and Professional Development Center is to serve as a forum for relationship building and information sharing between the CPDC and its major stakeholders (students, faculty, employers).

    Career Advisory Board 2014

    Top Row:
    Steven D. Cohen, Assistant Professor for the Klein Family School of Communications Design
    Gene Manko, Healthcare Recruiter at Maxim Healthcare Services
    Daniel Yarger, Senior in the Merrick School of Business
    Reginald Gant, Human Resources Specialist for the Social Security Administration (Alumni, 2009)
    Frank van Vliet, Executive in Residence/Lecturer for the Merrick School of Business
    Nancy O'Neil, Co-Director/Director of Learning Initiatives for the Center for Excellence in Learning,
    Teaching and Technology
    Courtney Gasser, Program Director for the Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences
    Sara Guscott, Staff Auditor for SB & Company, LLC (Alumni, 2014)

    Bottom Row:
    Angie Alston, Supervisory Auditor for Defense Contract Audit Agency (Alumni, 2007)
    Charlene Faison, Graduate Student in the College of Arts and Sciences
    Thomas Volpe, Jr., Federal Civilian Programs Director for Veris Group
    Elizabeth Gammon, Assistant Professor for the School of Health and Human Services
    Coyreec Williams, Graduate Student in the College of Public Affairs