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Develop and Build Your Network Today!


picture of a student and mentor
Mentor Connect is an online program designed to facilitate synergy between University of Baltimore students and alumni. Participants have an opportunity to network, build professional relationships, and learn about career pathways.


Networking is an essential career skill for professionals to launch, build and sustain successful careers. In fact, networking is integrated into the award-winning UB Career Cycle under Communicate Your Brand and Create Your Opportunities. Networking with alumni is an advantageous step in your networking process and has numerous benefits for both mentors and mentees. MentorConnect allows students and alums to build their networks conveniently through the UBworks recruitment portal. Whether you are looking for an experienced professional to help you move your career forward or you need quick career advice – MentorConnect can help you accomplish your career goals. Get started today by logging into UBworks (access through the MyUB portal).

Last Published 7/19/17