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The Career and Professional Development Center and Office of Alumni Relations at the University of Baltimore has launched MentorConnect to facilitate relationship building and networking between current students and alumni. MentorConnect is a great way to give back to the University of Baltimore community and help current students launch their careers.

Become a mentor today (click on the image below)

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Why become a mentor?

  • Gain the opportunity to reflect your own development.
  • Develop key skills such as listening, questioning, empathizing and building relationships.
  • Sharpen your leadership by coaching current students.
  • Expand your network.


  • Assist student with networking and personal branding skills to establish professional contacts
  • Provide valuable insights into your industry and give career advice related to specific career paths

Mentor expectations

  • Agree on the specific expectations and goals for the mentor/mentee relationship once email contact has been initiated.
  • Respond to mentee emails within 3-5 business days.
  • Give careful consideration to the types of mentoring activities you are willing to participate and update your mentor profile accordingly.
  • Focus on issues related to academic and career development. In the event that a student is seeking information that is beyond your area of expertise or experience, connect the student to the Career and Professional Development Center at
  • Provide open and honest feedback to mentees. Mentees are looking to you for career insight and may ask for your feedback on their resumes, interviewing or networking skills.
  • Keep mentee’s contact information private unless you are given permission to share it with others. The maintenance of privacy is expected.
  • Meet with mentees in public locations, if face-to-face meetings will be your chosen mode of interaction.
  • Maintain professional and respectful interactions at all times.
  • Update your mentor profile as needed. In the event that you need to discontinue being a mentor, we ask that you communicate this information to your mentees and to the Career and Professional Development Center so that your profile can be deactivated.

Resources Available at the Career and Professional Development Center

For more information, here are some of the resources that are available on the Career and Professional Development Center’s website that you can refer students to.

For more questions related to MentorConnect, please contact:

Career and Professional Development Center
Student Center, Room 306

Last Published 8/21/17