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Student Employee Voices

National Student Employee Appreciation Week"Why I Love Working at UB"

As part of the celebration of National Student Employee Appreciation Week, the Career and Professional Development Center asked student workers to submit a few sentences on what they like about working at UB. Read some entries below. Student employees still have time to submit their responses to Amy Diggins, , by Friday, April 12 to be eligible for a drawing for one of three $50 bookstore giftcards.

"Working on campus as a tutor allows me to connect to more of my classmates and fellow staff members! I am able to serve other students and meet their needs, which makes me feel more accomplished in my work. I have formed invaluable relationships and have learned better interpersonal skills, which will be beneficial to me while working other jobs in the future. I feel very prepared to resolve some of the problems I will face while working with others in the future."

-Lauren L., Achievement and Learning Center

“I love working at UB because I am meeting more people in the last three months than I met in the entire year and a half! Due to the study load and having to work off campus, I was a commuter student and did not get to meet many of my peers. Now, working on campus allows me to study and to meet folks during daylight hours who I would never meet! I am able to do more networking and that is great for professional development!”

-Alissa A., Campus Recreation and Wellness

“I love my job due to the fact I work with the nicest people here on campus and help represent the University of Baltimore. Knowing the fact that I am one of the first students that prospective students meet on campus is a wonderful feeling. Being able to talk about the different things that UB has to offer from a student’s point of view, I believe, is beneficial to prospective students and their families when they tour the campus.”

-Joshua H., Office of Admission

“The Achievement and Learning Center is a great opportunity. As a Corporate Communication student, I thought it would be beneficial to demonstrate and flourish my skills as a young graphic designer. The staff are supportive upon my ambitions to become a graphic designer. This job is my starting point to get there.”

-Ned G., Achievement and Learning Center

“I like working at this job because it has taught me more about computers and technology, something that never interested me before. Also, I have gotten the opportunity to meet people, which has allowed me to open up more. Being as though this is my first work study job ever, it not only helped me get through college financially, but opened my eyes more to being a responsible person. This job gives me something to look forward to during my week. I love my co-workers. They have taken the time to get to know me and assist me with things when I needed help. I would not like to work for any other company.”

-Ebony G., Office of Technology Services

“The best part about my job here at UB is the great people I get to work with. Here in the Dean’s Office of the College of Public Affairs everything is friendly and relaxed, even while doing the work to keep our college in the University running. I’ve had plenty of jobs before this one, and none have been so enjoyable, flexible, or as much fun. I’m getting paid to go to a place I love, study, and gain valuable experience while meeting and working with the people who are helping me get the education to be successful in the future. What more could I even ask for?”

-Raymond B., College of Public Affairs, Office of the Dean

“There are several reasons I like working at UB. First, it is a great help that I can just walk across [the street] from work to class. Also, I am given the opportunity to work and experience something related to my career as I am seeking a degree in Criminal Justice and I work with the University of Baltimore Police Department. In addition, I am able to have a flexible schedule as UB prioritizes my studies and understands a student needs a flexible schedule. That is why I love working at UB.”

-Lady A., UB Police Department

“I'm a tutor at UB and I enjoy the flexible working hours, a super caring and supportive supervisor and the wonderfully cooperating students. The work environment in UB feels very safe and secure which is very important to students. My job at UB keeps making me feel like I'm never working solely because I enjoy it so very much!”

-Nikita G, Achievement and Learning Center

“I am a tutor in the ALC, and I love my job, because I am invited to create a "safe space" with students. In this "safe space", I am trusted by the student to say what they do and do not understand, and am given the opportunity to encourage and empower them as we ask each other questions and review their textbook and notes. I am allowed to collaborate, and I'm watching change happen, and confidence grow! Thank you!”

-Hillary W., Achievement and Learning Center

“Working in the Center for Student Involvement, I am able to have an extended family! They push me to work harder, to go out and have new experiences and to develop myself. They also helped me realize that I want to continue my education to get a Master’s in higher education college personnel! Thank you, University of Baltimore, for giving me the opportunity to grow and find out who I want to be.”

-Jessica D., Center for Student Involvement

“I get a chance to assist, inform, and impact students and alumni in a way that only positively affects their lives. I work in offices that have good productive vibes with caring co-workers and office staff. It is always someone's birthday or a special occasion in the office, and we never stop celebrating.”

-Jennell G., Achievement and Learning Center/Career and Professional Development Center

“Though I've worked many years before I arrived at Langsdale Library, and will work many years after I graduate, I'm sure that I'll never feel as at home as I do within her walls. Surrounded by books, students, inquisitive minds reaching for their potential, I revel in the aura of a learning community. Knowing that my efforts are contributing to the progress of my fellow students makes the hours pass swiftly, and the smiling faces that alight at the circulation desk, seeking help or to check out media, reinforce why UB has been my sanctuary for the last three years. Years from now I shall recall fondly, and with happy thoughts, on the time I've spent within Langsdale’s quiet stacks.”

-Donald C., Langsdale Library

“Working on campus is great; I live only a few blocks away from the campus making it extremely convenient. I also love the flexibility; there is no other job anywhere that is going to have hours and shifts flexible to full-time students making it easier to make money and excel in my classes. Lastly, and the most important reason, why I love being a student worker is the people! Being a worker on campus gives me the chance to meet new people every day, and networking is great when you're a college student. Not to mention I help people find what they need on a daily basis; just like a worker assisted me when I first came to visit the school and had no idea where I was going. For any student looking for a part-time job I cannot say enough how wonderful it is to work on campus, coming from someone that has had over ten jobs since the age of fourteen, this is definitely my favorite.”

-Liz R., Campus Recreation and Wellness

“I love being part of the bigger goal of UB. As a research assistant, my small efforts turn into big thoughts that can change the law to help many who could otherwise not afford legal assistance.”

-Amy L., School of Law

“I am honored to be part of this wonderful working force and I really appreciate the abundance of knowledge I gained since I started working. I have been working for almost three years; I have loved every second I have spent, because it made me see things differently and more prepared for the future. The most amazing moment in my job, was when I had a broken ankle. I thought I would not be able to get back to work but I was given the chance, forgetting the fact that I was disabled for that period. It was unbelievable to me and I was treated with much love and care. I really love my job.”

-Nicolas I., Campus Recreation and Wellness

“The Office of Technology Services is great place to work. At OTS we work together to provide technological assistance to students, faculty, and staff in the most effective way possible. I have been working for OTS for almost a year and I can say that all of us work as a team, better yet, a family. The duties we perform—equipment maintenance, delivery, and checkout, on-call assistance to professors and classrooms, and printer and lab care duties—require the utmost diligence and teamwork. We are located in the Business Center LL and our lab is one of the most popular places to study, research, and fellowship. Arguably, OTS is the best job on campus and I am proud to work for it!”

-George Z., Office of Technology Services

“Working for the University of Baltimore has been a life-changing experience. I get to interact with fellow classmates all the while making a few bucks. I'm learning new things, and gaining knowledge that is undeniably priceless. I love my job!”

-Candrice R., Campus Recreation and Wellness

“There are many things that I love about working with OTS. They treat me fair and I learn lots of things in that job position. Also, I love working with OTS because my boss is one of the best bosses; she helps me with this job and other problems. Finally, I am grateful working with OTS because it helps me with financial wise and I learn things such as technologies. I want to stay in this job until I graduate.”

-Ubaida S., Office of Technology Services

"One thing I love about my job(s) on campus is all the opportunities they provide—opportunities to get writing and design experience (since I'm in the MFA CWPA program) and especially networking opportunities. I've had chances to meet a lot of faculty, staff, other students, and members of the general Baltimore community that I wouldn't have been introduced to otherwise. As a transplant from Michigan, those networking opportunities have really made me feel more at home on campus and in Baltimore City."

-Rachel W., Spotlight UB and Office of Technology Services

“I love my student job for many reasons. I believe that being a student worker gave me an opportunity to come out of my shell at University of Baltimore when I didn't know anyone. I've been blessed to meet so many awesome faculty and other students by just working here! I believe that being a student worker has allowed me to make positive lifelong connections while also gaining priceless work experience that will serve as the foundation that I'll build on!”

-Earl D., Campus Recreation and Wellness

“I love my job for two reasons: I have met so many new people and have expanded my network here at UB and I am participating in a grand plan of increasing community engagement in the Central Baltimore area for future students. It is an exciting and challenging experience—especially since it is only my first semester here! Another reason why I love my job is because I am working alongside talented, passionate, and committed people. I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to be an employee at UB!”

-Anna P., Center for Student Involvement and Community Engagement Corps member

“I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to assist students who are struggling with the transition from undergrad to law school. I have met several great students that just needed a little boost. The best part is to see them finally fulfill their potential and succeed in law school. Best of all, I know that I have made lifelong friends.”

-Anna S., School of Law

“I love being able to help my fellow students and facility! It helps keep me up to date with everything going on around campus. It's a great opportunity to give back to the UB community while attending school.”

-William K., Langsdale Library

“Being able to work in an area where I stand a chance of communicating with people and giving them the best UB experience they could ask for is amazing. At the Admissions Office I have many jobs such as, mailing out postcards, letters, and important information to current and future students; I also sit at the front desk and interact with anyone that walks into the office, making them feel at home. I also give tours; this is my favorite part, because I am able to engage anyone that inquires knowledge that works. I believe this is the most important job because based on the tour they receive, it can be the difference between choosing UB or not. I continuously try my best to answer every question they have and if I don’t know the answer I point them in the accurate direction to find the answer. The staff at my job is so friendly to the point where I can sit down with anyone in the office and have an interesting conversation with them. Being new to the office, I may have many questions, but I can always count on my co-workers to deliver the right answer.”

-Kevon G., Office of Admission


“Working at UB is a great experience. I love the fact that I get to know more students on the campus. I get to witness the great upcoming plans the faculty here has for the students, which includes the Varsity, events happening on the campus and so forth. I love the fact the faculty in the different departments show us so much working experience that we can take with us when we graduate. Lastly, I love how much UB loves us, with doing events like this, and the faculty telling us how much we matter and do little stuff for us in return.”

-Jovanni B., Merrick School of Business


Such Gainful Employment
a poem | CarlaJean Valluzzi

I push the cart | weave a path through the stacks | forgetting it there in front of me.
Maybe it’s the air from some other age |caught between | each thin skin of page,
preserved | : | proteose colloids, condensed tannins, pastes of wheat and rice;
it just feels right | tastes sweet to be so fortunate | to spend my days, voluminous
amongst my favorite strangers | some of whom I’ve laid my eyes upon | near spiritual occasions.
I read the names as I pass, the call numbers | long for the sun to stay | high a little bit longer
as though to conjure | such lives as they have | out of nothing but my own mind . . .
That’s where you can find me | on a Monday, or a Friday | wheeling, shelving; listening quietly