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Surviving college is no easy feat. But knowing what you're up against can help you succeed.

The academic responsibilities, social and work commitments and personal challenges that college students face often result in unexpected stress and anxiety that can interfere with academic success. Know your challenges, and think about what you'll need to do to overcome them.

  • Academic Challenges

    Factors that influence academic success include:

    • commitment
    • motivation
    • procrastination
    • organization
    • concentration
    • academic oversight from professors
    • independence offered by the environment
  • Social Commitments

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to adjust to the social demands of college life. These demands may include:

    • managing personal relationships
    • coping with peer pressure
    • having less oversight from parents
    • balancing family demands
  • Personal Challenges

    While everyone faces different challenges, some of the most common challenges college students face include:

    • balancing work life with academic life
    • romantic relationships
    • separation from family
    • meeting new people and developing friendships
    • separation from old friends
    • parental demands
    • personal development
  • Strategies for Coping

    Below is a list of strategies and resources to help manage challenges common to college students.

  • Grief

Last Published 11/9/16