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  • What is counseling?

    Counseling is a private, confidential personal discussion with a mental health professional whose purpose is to enable you to explore and express your feelings, examine your beliefs and ways of thinking about the world, reflect on patterns of behavior, improve your personal skills, develop increased confidence, overcome barriers to personal effectiveness, and acquire a more mindful awareness and appreciation of your uniqueness in relationship to others. Social workers, psychologists and professional counselors usually provide counseling.
  • How does psychiatry differ from counseling?

    Psychiatry focuses on the biochemical causes of problems with thoughts, emotions and behavior. Psychiatrists use a variety of medications to alter an individual’s biochemistry to create specific changes in thoughts, emotions or behaviors. Counseling and psychotherapy are interchangeable terms.
  • Am I eligible for Counseling Center services?

    Our services are offered to all students currently enrolled at the University of Baltimore but not to online students living outside of Maryland.

    In addition, our consultation services are available to all faculty and staff at UB.

  • Are there limits to the number of sessions I can take advantage of?

    Yes. All enrolled students are eligible for a maximum of 12 sessions per academic year.
  • What is the cost for counseling services?

    There is no additional cost for counseling services; they are covered by your student fees.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?

    Call the center at 410.837.5159. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule appointment via email due to confidentiality issues. Walk-in sessions for students being seen for the first time are also available.
  • What should I expect for my initial session?

    Your initial session will run 50 minutes. We ask that you arrive 10 minutes in advance of your scheduled session to complete paperwork. These forms not only assist the Counseling Center in maintaining accurate records but also educate you about confidentiality in the counseling process and provide information that will help your counselor develop a fuller understanding of your concerns.

    Once you've completed the paperwork, you will meet with a therapist who will orient you to what your counseling will entail and how the center may be able to help you. During this time, the counselor will ask you to provide information about your concerns, which will assist the counselor in completing the initial assessment. This assessment will assist you and the counselor in determining which of our services is best for you or which community resource may best meet your needs.

  • How do I schedule an appointment after my initial session?

    If appropriate, you'll schedule follow-up sessions with your counselor. Sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes on a weekly basis, generally (although you and and your counselor will determine the frequency of your sessions). If you wish to change your appointment, call us at 410.837.5159; please notify us 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Last Published 10/19/16