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Here are some helpful guidelines to help you select the right study abroad program. You should begin this process at least one year in advance to ensure that you meet all of the necessary requirements and deadlines.

      • Do your research

        The Diversity and Culture Center encourages you to explore various study abroad programs— semester, yearlong, and others—and ask yourself the following questions when researching program options:

        • Why do you want to study abroad?

        • Do you want to learn another language?

        • What graduation requirements do you still have left?

        • Will you study something you can’t study at UB?

      • Choose a program

        After research and careful consideration, it is now time to make your selection. Be sure to take note of all deadlines. The Diversity and Culture Center recommends that you meet with your academic adviser to discuss the courses you intend to take and how they will count towards your degree—It is imperative that you have support from your academic adviser.

      • Meet with your adviser

        • Get a written list from your faculty or academic adviser of the remaining course requirements for your degree.    Ask if any of those requirements must be taken at UB.

        • Consult with your faulty or academic adviser to determine if your program is accredited or deemed worthy of UB awarding academic credit. 

        • Study abroad courses, the number of transferable credits for each course and the UB degree requirement that each course is satisfying (i.e., elective, general education, or core requirements) must be approved in writing in advance by your faculty or academic adviser.

      • Talk to the Office of Financial Aid

        You may be able to use some forms of Federal financial aid to help you afford the cost of studying abroad. Contact the Office of Financial Aid as early as possible to determine if your financial aid package is transportable and to complete any necessary paperwork.  

      • Check your passport

        Make sure that you have a valid passport. Click here for current passport information. 

Last Published 10/2/15