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Living in UB Midtown

Why would you want to live anywhere else?

We're in the middle of the city, smack in between the cultural and arts districts, so living on campus means living anywhere in the UB Midtown area. Close to classes, the libraries, campus activities and a walkscore rating of 90. ... Why would you want to live anywhere else?

There are great living options all around UB Midtown. Living close to campus has so many advantages including being near your friends and all the amenities of campus with the city right outside your door.

With so many transportation choices, getting around is easy. At UB, you can walk or bike almost anywhere. Of course, we have Zipcar, and the free Charm City Circulator will take you downtown. UB is across the street from Penn Station, America's eighth busiest train, bus and light rail station. You can get almost anywhere near or far from UB Midtown. Check out our public transportation page for more information. You can bring a car to campus, and parking is available.