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Group Exercise Classes


Summer 2014 Session 1 Schedule

The Summer 2014 session 1 schedule runs May 27-June 30.

Click here to download the Summer 2014 Group Exercise schedule for use at home.

Please note class times, as they are subject to change.

Course Time Instructor Location
Zumba 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tara Aerobic Studio
Aikido 6:35-8 p.m. William Mat Room
Yoga 5:30-6:30 p.m. Brenna Aerobic Studio
Core Yoga 5:30-6:30 p.m. Lindsey Aerobic Studio
Zumba 6:35-7:35 p.m. Tara Aerobic Studio
Power Yoga 5:30-6:30 p.m. Brenna Aerobic Studio
Core Yoga 5:30-6:30 p.m. Lindsey

Aerobic Studio

Course Descriptions

Click on the course's name for a brief description.

  • Aikido

    Develop coordination and control through this martial art, performed by blending with an attacker’s motion and redirecting their force.

  • Barbell Body Blast

    Increase strength, flexibility and balance through the use of barbells, stability balls and aerobic steps. All fitness levels welcome.

  • Boot Camp

    Drop and give me 20! Work your body with these cardiovascular- and muscular-conditioning drills.

  • Circuit Training

    Complete various cardiovascular and strength exercises as you move from station to station in this circuit-training class.

  • Core Yoga

    Develop a strong core and improve coordination and balance while also shaping your legs, hips, back, chest and arms.

  • Cycling

    Follow your instructor on a simulated ride through drills, hills, flats and jumps. You control your resistance level as you race to the finish line.

  • Intensity!

    Get past your workout plateau with this in-your-face workout featuring high intensity intervals with a focus on serious stamina training.

  • Kettle Bell Strength

    Strengthen and tone all your major muscle groups through kettle bell exercises, the latest trend in strength training.

  • Kickboxing

    Keep your feet moving and work on strength, endurance, balance and coordination through basic boxing and kickboxing moves set to music.

  • Power Yoga

    Experience the strengthening benefits of yoga as this higher-intensity class challenges you to improve muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

  • Yoga

    Gain core- and upper-body strength as you move through different poses in this flowing, beginner-level class that links movements and breath together.

  • Women's Self Defense

    University of Baltimore Police Department offers a nine-session class to female UB community members. To register, call Sgt. Kemp at 410.837.5584.

  • Zumba

    Add some spice to your workout with this Latin-inspired combination of high-energy music and easy-to-follow steps. No dance experience required.

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