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Personal Training

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Our Mission

The Personal Training Program was developed through Campus Recreation And Wellness to serve our members on a one to one basis. Through our quality service, we hope to assist you in identifying, prioritizing, and achieving your health and fitness goals.

Where do I begin?

Step 1 – Call 410.837.5095 or stop by the Wellness Center to schedule an Initial Consultation and fill out the personal training registration packet.

Step 2 – Discuss the services we offer with the Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness to choose exactly the service that you want and need.

Step 3 – Purchase your selected service.

Step 4 – Schedule your appointment.

Step 5 – Arrive on time, prepared to work hard and begin your journey with the Personal Training Program.

Services Offered

Initial Consultation – Set up a time to fill out a Personal Training registration packet, and discuss what services will work best for you. FREE

Fitness Assessment – A staff member will conduct an assessment that will provide a baseline measurement of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, circumference, height and weight, blood pressure and heart rate. It is recommended that you complete an assessment prior to beginning a program, as well as throughout, to track your progression. $15.00

Body Fat Assessment – Using a three site skinfold measurement, a staff member will determine your body composition. The test consists of measuring the skinfold, thickness of each site with a pair of calipers. You will be provided with the percent of fat, muscle, height, and weight data. $5.00

Exercise Modification – Have you hit a rut in your workout routine, or are you looking to add something different? Sit down with a personal trainer to discuss your goals and come up with alternative options to help you switch up your usual workout. $25.00

Equipment Orientation – Whether you're new to the gym or would just like a refresher course about our equipment, this may be just what you need. A staff member will show you around our facility and help you get familiar with the cardio machines and Nautilus Equipment. FREE

Personal Training Packages (1 hour per session)

Work towards leading a healthier, fit lifestyle by having one-on-one time with a personal trainer. These one hour sessions will include goal setting, health and fitness education, programming to meet your individual needs, and motivation to help you achieve your stated goals.

Regular Prices

UB Student Member
3 Sessions $105.00 $135.00
5 Sessions $175.00 $225.00
10 Sessions $350.00 $450.00