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Equipment in Campus Recreation and Wellness

Equipment Tutorial Videos

Check out these videos from the Campus Recreation and Wellness staff for a brief overview on the usage of our facility's equipment.

Students on the go can watch these videos on their smart phone by using a QR code app on the barcodes posted throughout our facility.

  • Upper Body Machines

    Lat Pulldown Machine

    Pectoral Fly


    Shoulder Press

    Lat Pulldown Bar


    Dip and Pull Up

    Chest Press


    Arm Curl

    Arm Extension


    Cable Machines

    Low Row Machine

  • Core Machines


    Ab Crunch

    Back Extension

  • Lower Body Machines

    Leg Abduction

    Leg Extension


    Leg Press

    Glute and Hamstring Raise


    Angular Leg Press

    Leg Adduction


    Leg Curl

Last Published 10/2/15