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Get a tutorial on-the-go.
While you're at the Recreation Center, you can watch any of these video tutorials by scanning QR codes posted on individual machines.

Watch, learn and work out—the right way.

Machinery at the gym can seem intimidating, but don't worry: These overview videos can help set you on the right track.

Browse Videos by Section:

Upper Body Machines

Lat Pulldown Machine

Pectoral Fly

Shoulder Press

Lat Pulldown bar

Dig and Pull Up

Chest Press

Arm Curl

Arm Extension

Cable Machines

Low Row Machine

Core Machines

Ab Crunch

Back Extension

Lower Body Machines

Leg Abduction

Leg Extension

Leg Press

Glute and Hamstring Raise

Angular Leg Press

Leg Adduction

Leg Curl

Last Published 1/15/16