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People playing basketball in beeball classicBeeBall Classic

Come join us for the 6th annual BeeBall Classic on October 13, 2015 and enjoy the rivalry where faculty & staff take on the students in an exciting basketball game.

6th Beeball Classic Roster

Students Faculty/Staff
Brian Matthew Sean Hogan
Justin Butler Benjamin Crenca
Deanna Montague Alex Davis
Shiraz Ahmed Aaron Perkins
Grinvydas Dainys Jeremy Simpson
Marquis Holmes Michael Palmer
George Zelenka Carey Miller
Tiffani Bourn Sean Farmer
Sammie Lane Mark Bell
Keith Crowell Anthony Moreira
Terrence Shuman Nicholaus Owens
Michael Keeley  


  • 2013 Results

    Students 45
    Faculty/Staff 39
  • 2012 Results

    Students 48
    Faculty/Staff 25
  • 2011 Results

    Students 34
    Faculty/Staff 30
  • 2010 Results

    Students 30
    Faculty/Staff 19
Last Published 10/7/15