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UB Rec Day Tricycle RaceUB Rec Day

We would like to thank all of the students, faculty, and staff that joined us for UB Rec Day. A great time was had by all. To learn when and where you can join the fun of Rec Day 2014, please check back over the summer.

 Here are our winners in the different events held:  

Free Throw Contest
Division Name Score
Male Grinvydas Dainys 21/25
Female Bridget Thompson 13/20
Tricycle Obstacle Course
Division Name Time
Male Kevin Carpio 14.33 seconds
Female Rebbecca Bakre 19.76 seconds
Tricycle Drag Race
Division Name Time
Male Eugene Yi 6.22 seconds
Female Shanna Germain 8.66 seconds
Last Published 10/2/15