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The Student Center Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from UB to help to guide the future direction of the Student Center. The board ensures that the UB community has the opportunity provide input on Student Center issues such as strategic planning, posting policies, development of new programming, safety concerns and risk management, emergency procedures and more. The board meets each semester as needed.

Have a suggestion, opinion or concern for the board? Feel free to talk with any of its members, or contact us at

Board Members

  • Nick Owens, Campus Recreation and Wellness (Chair)
  • Bill Schnirel, Student Affairs
  • Samuel Tress, Campus Police
  • Nebeye Sertsu, Facilities Management and Capital Planning
  • Stefanie Shaffer, Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Elizabeth McFadden, Institutional Advancement
  • Kimberley Lynne, Spotlight UB
  • Cindy Schuster, Office of Technology Services
  • Robert Neuman, Student Government Association
  • Dominique Brown, Student Events Board
Last Published 10/2/15