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Meet the Team

Meet the Staff




Student Supervisor

Major: Jurisprudence

Involvement on Campus: Office of Transitions & Community Engagement; Philosophy Club

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The free festivals and museums

Favorite thing about UB: Helpful academic resources and welcoming community

Piece of Advice for New Students: Try new things to get an experience, even if it's not what you expected. College is about exploring your options, and there's no rush to do everything at once. 



Student Supervisor

Major:  International Studies; Creative Writing minor

Involvement on Campus:  Campus Pantry; Office of Transitions and Community Engagement

Favorite thing about Baltimore:  Baltimore feels like a central hub to me. New York is only a three hour train ride away. Philadelphia is about two hours away. DC is only an hour. The mountains are right around the corner. It’s nice to be so close to everything all at once.

Favorite thing about UB: UB cares about students and wants to get students involved. The professors care about your grades as much as you do. Everyone here really wants you to succeed and it’s such a great thing to have and feel in a learning environment.

Piece of Advice for New Students:  Counseling has such a negative stigma around it, and with no good reason. The Counseling Center isn’t just for emotions to be let out; they can also guide you to your next step when you’re overwhelmed. It’s incredibly helpful and I strongly encourage new students to utilize the service.



Student Supervisor

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Involvement on Campus: Transitions and Community Engagement

Favorite thing about Baltimore: Food and Art

Favorite thing about UB: Diversity of people

Piece of Advice for New Students: Meet as many new people as possible.



Orientation Leader

Major: Simulation & Game Design, Level Design

Involvement on Campus: Student Events Board; Digital Designers Guild; SGA

Favorite thing about Baltimore: Music scene

Favorite thing about UB: Tight-knit campus with opportunities for those who want to take it

Piece of Advice for New Students: Get involved with an organization on campus! Not only does it look good for you’re resume but you constantly are meeting new people and feeling more involved.



Orientation Leader

Major: Business Administration, Finance specialization

Involvement on Campus: Helen P. Denit Program; Beta Alpha Psi; treasurer, Marketing Association; president, Urban Farming Association; student ambassador/facility attendant, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The rich history

Favorite thing about UB: The supportive community

Piece of Advice for New Students:  Work hard starting from day one, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I promise you, hard work can make up for a lot.



Orientation Leader

Major: Government and Public Policy

Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader/Student

Favorite thing about Baltimore: Everything. I moved here in December and fell in love with the city.

Favorite thing about UB: Great professors and everything is really accessible

Piece of Advice for New Students: Talk with your academic advisers and use the library/writing center. It will make a big difference.



Orientation Leader

Major: Psychology

Involvement on Campus: Attending organization and SEB events

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The many free activities that encourage community involvement

Favorite thing about UB: The small, intimate campus and class sizes make the experience more comfortable.

Piece of Advice for New Students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and anyone is available to ask for help. 



Orientation Leader

Major: Environmental Sustainability and Human Ecology

Involvement on Campus: Student Event Boards; Urban Farming Association

Favorite thing about Baltimore: Abbey burger

Favorite thing about UB: The community.

Piece of Advice for New Students: Find organizations on campus to get involved with to network and make friends.



Orientation Leader

Major: Digital Communications – Media Design & Production

Involvement on Campus: contributor, The UB Post; Social Media Manager & Photographer; volunteer, UB Community Service Day; president (2017-18), O∆K; student-at-large (2017-18), FOC

Favorite thing about Baltimore: I'll be literal about it and say … The National Aquarium.

Favorite thing about UB: Aside from the Law Building views … the accommodating, close-knit, friendly & supportive academic community.

Piece of Advice for New Students: Life happens but always make an effort to be where you ought to be because it's "better to be late than never" showing up at all.



Orientation Leader

Major: Applied Information Technology

Involvement on Campus: African Student Union; Black Student Union; Muslim Student Association; Students vs. Staff Bee Ball classic

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The Orioles

Favorite thing about UB: The tight-knit atmosphere where everyone knows one another. It feels like family away from home.

Piece of Advice for New Students: Soak up as much as you can, one day at a time, and do not hesitate to ask questions.



Orientation Leader 

Major: Integrated Arts

Involvement on Campus: Bookseller at Barnes and Noble; Orientation Leader

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The art scene and the architecture

Favorite thing about UB: The campus and the people

Piece of Advice for New Students: I wrote this poem to serve as my advice:

It is quite alright to not know right away

What path you want to take.

This is the time to figure out yourself

And a piece of your destiny.

Nothing has to be perfect

Don’t mirror the crowd

Just walk along your yellow brick road

And make yourself proud. 



Orientation Leader 

Major: Jurisprudence

Involvement on Campus: Attending campus-wide events

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The diversity is my favorite thing about Baltimore.

Favorite thing about UB: The many different resources for students

Piece of Advice for New Students: Always walk into every situation with an open mind and don’t be discouraged when faced with new challenges.



Orientation Leader 

Major: Jurisprudence

Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader

Favorite thing about Baltimore: It has great sights.

Favorite thing about UB:
It is full of inspirational and amazing people.

Piece of Advice for New Students: Buckle up, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride!



Coordinator of Transition Programs 

Favorite thing about Baltimore:
Concerts and shows in the area 

Favorite thing about UB:
Working with the amazing students

Piece of Advice for New Students: 
Never stop discovering yourself! 



Director of Transitions and Community Engagement

Favorite thing about Baltimore: The arts scene and amazing restaurants

Favorite thing about UB: The unique and diverse student population

Piece of Advice for New Students: Give yourself time to adjust to a new campus. As you think about getting involved in student life, be careful about your commitments. Take time to see how much time you really have to work with before committing.

Last Published 8/11/17