Items displayed on this page include various examples of product prototypes and applications of LED data.  Samples of products developed for local partners are updated periodically to reflect enhancements to previous designs and additional data.  Examples of specific projects illustrating High Growth industry information and trends also appear regularly.  Local identities associated with all posted products will remain hidden unless the products have been publicly released and state and local area permission to release identity has been obtained.

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A Portfolio of Responses to Local Questions Using Census Bureau Local Employment Dynamics Program Quarterly Workforce Indicators

March 2006


Sector-Hiring and Earning Profile
Citrus-Levy-Marion Florida
December 2005


Summer Youth Hiring Profile
City of Chicago, Illinois
August 2005

Other Summer Youth Hiring Profiles Available


Impact Profile
Boone-Winnebago, Illinois
August 2005

Local Growth Industry Profile for the Universities at
Shady Grove, Maryland
August 2005


MEETS Brief Series

The MEETS Brief introduces readers to highlights of a given industry in a particular local area, based on the Census Bureau Local Employment Dynamics (LED) program data. It is a "starter toolkit" for those who want to use LED industry data and related occupational information to help them make local workforce development decisions.


Meets Sample Products
Introductory Sample Data
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