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Merrick School of Business

Venture Pitch I and II

Venture Pitch

Upcoming Events Spring 2012
May 2
Venture Pitch Championship (4:30 – 6:00)  

Venture Pitch:

Every semester, the CEI and the CUBE co-host venture pitch competitions at the University of Baltimore. These competitions provide a platform for UB students to showcase their venture ideas and practice their pitch before a diverse audience of faculty, staff, students and business community members.

To participate in the next Venture Pitch scheduled for May 2, 2012, please check the rules below and email us an expression of interest, providing your name and a description of your business idea to:

Rules & Scoring

1. Presentations may be delivered by a team, but to qualify for a prize all team members must be a current UB student or an alumnus who has graduated from UB within the past five years.

2. Presenters may use digital media, but they must be prepared for equipment malfunctions.

3.Presentations must not exceed 5 minutes in length, and should speak directly to the scoring categories. (There will be a designated “timekeeper” to keep presenters from going over time.)

4.Presenters will have the opportunity to respond to panelists during a Q & A session immediately following their presentation. The panel will have up to 5 minutes to ask questions; they have the option to use the whole time, but if any time remains, audience members may ask a question. If a question runs over the time limit the presenter will have a chance to offer a 20 second reply.

5.Prizes include cash and non-cash awards.  The Pridgeon Prize ($1,000) will be awarded to the overall winner.  The Carton-Silberg Prize ($500) will be awarded to the best venture that is legally incorporated and in good standing with the State of Maryland.  Both of these prizes will be awarded by the judging panel.  Non-cash prizes will be awarded by a combination of a people's choice vote, the panel, or a combination thereof. An award granted by the panelists for the best early stage idea may be cash or non-cash.  All prizes will be issued at the discretion of the panel.  All award decisions are final. 

6.The panel may consist of business professionals, angel investors, faculty members, or University staff.

Scoring Categories

(25 points each

  1. Introduction & idea – introduce yourself, your company, mention the problem you’re solving (or delight you’re creating), and what your solution is.
  2. Market – touch on micro and macro market for product, what % of that market you hope to capture, how you’ll reach them.
  3. Business/Revenue model – how will your business make money
  4. Competitive Advantage– who is your competition and what sustainable advantage you will try to exploit.
  5. Presentation – was the presentation sharp and attention-grabbing? Did you use your time effectively? Dressed appropriately?

Winners 2012

Venture Pitch - December 2011: Matt Taylor (One Photo)

Venture Pitch I- February 2012: Terry Breschi (

Venture Pitch II - March 2012: Tom Silva (Baltimore Pedi-Cab Co.)