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Assurance of Learning: B.S. in Real Estate and Economic Development

Mission Statement: The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Economic Development program at the Merrick School of Business is to provide students with a rigorous education that prepares them for successful careers in real estate investment, commercial property development and/or management, mortgage banking, commercial lending, and related field.

As a result of the education they receive in the program, our graduates will have:

  • Goal 1: Real Estate Professional Competencies

    Description: Students will apply information systems technology to business.

    Learning Objective 1.1: Students will demonstrate a basic professional competency in the vocabulary, concepts and tools of analysis needed by real estate professionals.

  • Goal 2: Research Skills

    Description:  Students will possess the research skills necessary to study issues in commercial real estate and economic development.

    Learning Objective 2.1: Students will be proficient in collecting information from a variety of online and electronic media.

    Learning Objective 2.2: Students will be adept at using spreadsheets to estimate forecasts, cash flows, and valuation.

  • Goal 3: Effective Communication Skills

    Description: Students will demonstrate the appropriate communication skills used by real estate professionals. This skill set includes writing case analyses, memoranda, financial reports, and market opportunity analyses citing accounting and other data.

    Learning Objective 3.1: Students will produce a professional quality written business document

    Learning Objective 3.2: Students will deliver a professional quality oral presentation, accompanied by appropriate technology.

  • Goal 4: Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

    Description: Students will demonstrate problem solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

    Learning Objective 4.1: In solving a business problem, students will use appropriate analytical techniques to understand the problem, generate and compare alternatives, and develop recommendations.

    Learning Objective 4.2: Students will use quantitative tools to analyze a business situation.

  • Goal 5: An Ethical Perspective

    Description: Students will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.

    Learning Objective 5.1: Students will identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.

Download the Assurance of Learning Results (.pdf)