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Paoge Donahue, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"I thought I wanted to be a Wall Street banker, but after taking a risk and working for a startup, I was inspired to be an entrepreneur."-  Paige Donahue

Paige Donahue

Paige Donahue is a serial entrepreneur, launching her first business selling fashion accessories to her peers when she was still in her teens. She moved on to become a prolific blogger monetizing her site. 

Here greatest passion is creation. Nothing brings her more joy and personal satisfaction than creating something new. She is a doer, not a dreamer. She loves going to the grocery store, grabbing random ingredients, and coming home to create an original, unique dish. She loves reading books and articles, then synthesizing her thoughts in a journal or blog post. She embraces opportunities to create, build, and disrupt.

What is she working on now?

Paige Donahue is working on an online platform that allows users to connect with freelancers for the purpose of outsourcing various business-related tasks.